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Child Development Bachelor of Arts Program

Inspire the Next Generation. Become a Leader in Childhood Education.

A bachelor’s degree in Child Development is your key to a rewarding career as an educator of children from birth through adolesence and early adulthood. This specialized area of education will give you the focus, knowledge and skills needed to create and facilitate learning environments for children and families that promote healthy development of social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. 

Our program emphasizes applied experience, multicultural/community perspectives and foundational knowledge to provide you with the best possible professional approach to children’s holistic growth and development:

  • Learn and understand theoretical, empirical and philosophical foundations to effectively assess children’s progress and create successful and engaging educational interventions
  • Analyze and integrate the impact of community, diversity and cultural identity in children’s social and educational development
  • Explore unique study abroad opportunities emphasizing international education and multiculturalism at our Mexico City campus
  • Apply your knowledge in an intensive practicum experience working with young children in a real educational setting.

Complete Your Degree Quickly and Conveniently - Transfer Credit Opportunities

Whether you’re pursuing your first college degree or already hold full or partial credit towards an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, you can complete your degree on your schedule with no impacted programs to slow your progress. We offer a variety of online, on-ground and seminar courses to complete your degree.

Career Possibilities

The field of child development is full of possibilities for a fulfilling career. Graduates with a bachelor’s in child development often go on to assume important roles such as:

  • Child, Adolescent or Family Developmental Specialist
  • Director of Family Development Agency
  • Preschool or Head Start Teacher
  • Child or Day Care Provider
  • Afterschool Program Coordinator
  • Case Worker/Case Manager
  • Family Advocate

With further education, you can open up even more doors. Child development graduates are well qualified to pursue the following:


Alliant offers Direct Success Merit Scholarships to qualified applicants. Visit success.alliant.edu or call the Admissions Office at 1-866-U-ALLIANT for more information and to apply.

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