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Joint Clinical Psychology PhD or PsyD plus Organizational Behavior MA Program

Students may concurrently pursue a Master's of Organizational Behavior (MAOB) degree with a Clinical Psychology doctoral degree at Alliant's Fresno campus.

The MAOB degree provides students in the Clinical Psychology PhD and PsyD programs an opportunity to gain knowledge of organizations if they are interested in pursuing administrative positions or doing organizational work as part of their future career goals.

Courses are held once a month in an intensive weekend format on Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday.

The MAOB is a scholar-practitioner degree, designed for the working professional, manager, human resources person, trainer, or organizational consultant who wants to acquire new skills and knowledge related to management and organizational behavior.

The MAOB program consists of 24 units of core Organizational Psychology curriculum. Research Methods and Ethno-cultural/Multi-cultural courses (6 units) are required in the students' primary program and are not required to be repeated in the MAOB. Additionally, an international trip is conducted for this program; however, it is optional for Dual students.