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"We have amazing faculty and staff here at Alliant and CSFS. A lot of them have other practices, that are in their actual field and then they come and bring their experiences to us in the classroom."

Sharday Summers - Clinical Forensic Psychology PsyD Student

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Juvenile Arson Research Leads to First Place Award of Excellence for CSFS Student Patricia Jones

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Faculty Spotlight

Professor Kyle Boone Releases New Book, Clinical Practice of Forensic Neuropsychology

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CSFS Faculty List

Kyle Boone, Ph.D., ABPP
Professor | Los Angeles Campus
Research interests: Malingering, neuropsychological assessment, neuropsychology 

Laura A. Brodie, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor | Irvine Campus
Research interests: Detecting deception, psychological safety of undercover police officers, the assessment and treatment of sex offenders, and domestic violence

Marion Chiurazzi, Psy.D.
Interim Program Director & Associate Professor | Sacramento Campus
Research interests: Mental health treatment, psychopathy, suicide in correctional settings 

Diana Concannon, Psy.D., PCI
Associate Dean, Systemwide Director of Training & Professor | Los Angeles Campus
Research interests: Victimology, kidnapping, risk & threat assessment, conflict resolution, stalking 

Noor Damavandi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor | Irvine Campus<
Research interests:  Psychopathology, serious mental illnesses, incompetency and insanity evaluations, risk assessment, correctional psychology, cross cultural psychology, biological bases of behavior

Annette Lorene Ermshar, Ph.D., ABPP
Associate Professor | Los Angeles
Research interests:  Neuropsychology, juvenile law, psychological assessment, psychopathology and the criminal mind>

Tracy Fass, J.D., Ph.D.
Interim Program Director, Los Angeles/Irvine & Associate Professor | Los Angeles
Research interests:  Juvenile offenders, sentencing policy, and violence-risk assessment

Valerie Forward, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor | Fresno
Research interests:  Psychological consultation, trauma & abuse, victimology, psychodynamic & interpersonal therapies

Debra F. Glaser, Ph.D., ABPP
Associate Professor | Los Angeles
Research interests:  Police & public safety psychology, first responders, stalking, crisis negotiation & SWAT, workplace violence assessment, social psychology

Eric Hickey, Ph.D.
CSFS Dean & Professor | Fresno
Research interests:  Stalking, adult rape & sexual assault, violent criminal behavior including robbery, burglary & homicide, paraphilia including pedophilia, child molestation, fetishes 

Robert A. Leark, Ph.D.<strong
Professor | San Diego
Research interests:  Neuropsychology, test construction, malingering and ADHD

Daniel Levinson, Ph.D.
Lecturer | Irvine
Research interests: Neuropsychology, PTSD & mild traumatic brain injuries in combat veterans, test construction and malingering

Glenn Scott Lipson, Ph.D., ABPPInterim Program Director & Professor | San Diego
Research interests:  Stalking, malpractice, critical incidents, risk assessment    

Christopher Michael, Ph.D.
Lecturer | Los Angeles
Research interests:  Test construction, malingering, psychosis/paranoia, psychopathy, psychotherapy integration    

Deborah S. Miora, Ph.D.
Associate Professor | Los Angeles
Research interests:   Relationship of higher order cognitive function to underlying brain structures, neuropsychological and legal issues pertaining to the less developmentally mature adult brain and juveniles in the context of criminal proceedings 

Jana Price-Sharps, Ed.D.
Associate Professor | Fresno
Research interests:  Police Officer stress and PTSD

Lou Rappaport, Ph.D.
Program Director & Associate Professor | San Francisco
Research interests:  Evidence-based Treatment in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and in the Evaluation and Treatment of PTSD/Trauma in First Responders and in the Military

Veronica Thomas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor | Irvine
Research interests:  Socio-emotional and personality testing, ethical & legal issues in professional practice, 

Amy Tillery, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor | Fresno
Research interests:  Substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment for adolescent offenders, effectiveness of the juvenile justice systems and mentally ill offenders, and spirituality as related to treatment responsiveness

James Turner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor | San Diego
Research interests:  Police psychology, investigative psychology, threat assessment

Lisa Ware, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor | Sacramento
Research interests:  Child behavior disorders, malingering, social phobia and children with autism and developmental disabilities

Dale White, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor | Fresno
Research interests:  Foster children and social problem solving; treatment variables and inpatient mental health; forensic lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues; adoption; and mental health administration