Office of Disability Services Announces Partnership with

San Diego, CA: Alliant's Systemwide Office of Disability Services has partnered with to address the scarcity of psychology books in alternative formats available to university students and professionals with print based disabilities. The Systemwide Office of Disability Services plans to make at least 100 psychology, education, and business books available for people with disabilities over the next year on the online service

The partnership will increase access to students by offering books in accessible formats such as digital talking books and digital Braille formats which can be used with common Braille or synthetic voice reading devices.

Alliant will also sponsor the first-ever virtual library wing for books related to psychology. The California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant's wing of will display books donated by the University and will supply members with professional material. The Systemwide Office of Disability Services will take donations, scan books, and submit them to so that members with disabilities will be able to access them.

Books must be the most current edition (with the exception of classics) and not marked with pen or highlighter. (This preparation process requires that books be unbound and scanned through a copy machine, so please do not donate books that you want to have returned.)

Our goal is to make books that are an integral part of the education of students in psychology, education and business accessible to all. This includes (but is not limited to) books that:

* are used in first- and second-year classes offered at Alliant International University are written by professors and alumni and
* are about diverse populations and issues (i.e. gender studies, social justice, etc...

Books from Alliant classes and about diverse populations and topics are especially needed.

How to Donate Books

Students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the university are invited to donate books in psychology, education and business to Alliant International University 's Office of Disability Services. Here's how:

* Find books on Amazon. Books needed for this project can be bought by clicking this link to pull up a wish list on Amazon or by searching the "Alliant International University-Disability" wish list at
* Donate in person. Please give your books to Dr. Nina Ghiselli on the SF campus
* Mail your books. Address donated books to:

Alliant International University
Attn: Dr. Nina Ghiselli
1 Beach Street, Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94133

For More Information:

To ask about this initiative or volunteer, contact Nina Ghiselli at (415) 955-2164;