Alliant to collaborate with Eikoh in Japan to establish new Asia hub campus in Tokyo

Alliant to Collaborate with Eikoh, One of Japan's Leading Educational Development Firms, to Establish an Asia Hub Campus in Tokyo

Alliant International University has announced plans to collaborate with Eikoh, Inc., Japan's largest publicly traded college preparatory system, to launch a full-fledged Alliant campus in Tokyo through the Japan Professional School of Education (JPSE), Eikoh's nationally accredited, non-profit university affiliate.

Under the agreement signed in May 2008, Eikoh, through JPSE, will provide venue and operational host services to enable Alliant to grow and deliver innovative programs in Japan and Asia from Alliant's California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP), the Graduate School of Education (GSOE), the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management (MGSM), the School of Forensic Studies (SFS) and other affiliates of Alliant.

Each Alliant School will offer leading-edge programs at the new campus in Spring 2009. Since 2002, CSPP has taught its renowned Masters Program in Clinical Psychology in Japanese in Tokyo. Directed by Reiko Homma-True, PhD, since 2006, the program enrolls approximately 100 graduate students, and it is the only American degree conferring graduate program of its kind in Japan. GSOE also brings a track record of nearly a decade in Japan working with world-renowned leaders in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) with plans to launch its International Language Education and Cultural Center (ILEC) in Japan in collaboration with JPSE. Leadership programs and executive courses will be also offered by MGSM, recently named one of America's top 20 leadership development programs by Leadership Excellence magazine. (See links and details below.)

A ceremony honoring the agreement was held on October 31, 2008 at the Japan Professional School of Education and was solemnized by President Yoshinori Kondo, of Eikoh, Inc., Alliant President Dr. Geoffrey Cox, Alliant Vice President and Chief International Officer Terrence Barber. Representing Provost Russ Newman and the academic leadership of Alliant, MGSM Founding Dean Jim Goodrich introduced Marshall Goldsmith, University Professor, world-renowned executive coach and namesake of the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management, who conducted the inaugural Alliant Leadership Seminar. In attendance were top management of Eikoh, representatives of the American Embassy in Tokyo and press leaders including the Nikkei Group, Editor in Chief of Asahi Shinbun, Editor in Chief of Diamond-Friedman (retired), publishers of Harvard Business Review, Japanese education and business public relations leaders among others.

In September 2007, the President of Eikoh and the academic leadership of JSPE met with President Cox, Vice President and Chief International Officer Terrence Barber and Alliant Graduate School of Education Dean Karen Webb to sign the inaugural Memorandum of Understanding setting the stage for the delivery of courses in Spring 2009. Provost Russ Newman and CSPP Dean Morgan Sammons also visited the site and met with Eikoh/JSPE in September.

Goals of the Collaboration

Eikoh has committed to provide venue and operational services, hosting Alliant International University in a "smart building" pre-wired with distance education capabilities at a prime, easily accessible location in downtown Tokyo directly across from the new Belgian Embassy and EU Diplomatic Complex in close proximity to National Government offices and top institutions of higher education. (See Alliant's new "smart" campus co-located with Eikoh's JPSE in Tokyo.)

Among the goals of the Eikoh-Alliant partnership is a commitment to "empower women, entrepreneurial innovators, and other underserved 'high potential' individuals to become global leaders in all walks of life in the 21st century by enhancing cross-cultural competencies through advanced instructional and communication technologies and applying leading-edge integral pedagogies" of Alliant International University in collaboration with JPSE, Eikoh's non-profit university.

Alliant contemplates expanding throughout the Indo-Asia Pacific region by offering consumers and clients unique access to accredited graduate education in the two largest economies in the world, North America and Japan, in fields of education, psychology, leadership and sustainable development through a network of regional hubs and strategic relationships.

About Eikoh

Eikoh currently serves the families of 70,000 students in several hundred sites in the Tokyo Metropolitan region alone, with annual sales totaling more than $450 million in annual sales. Eikoh is dedicated to enhancing the excellence of education in Japan in a context of global opportunity. Eikoh established the Japan Professional School of Education as its non-profit University in Japan, recognized by the Japan Ministry of Education, inculcating professional competencies for 21st century excellence within a global context.

About Alliant International University

Alliant International University is a leading institution of higher education in the United States with graduate degree programs throughout the Asia Pacific region, and nearly ten years of experience in Japan offering US-accredited blended online/residential graduate courses and degrees through its California School of Professional Psychology.

Diverse magazine ranked Alliant sixth nationwide for awarding doctorates to minority women and 14th for doctorates to minorities (all disciplines combined) in 2006. US News & World Report for 2007 ranks Alliant first nationwide in the percentage of international students among national doctoral universities and 10th in overall diversity.

Alliant, with origins 80 years ago, was rechristened Alliant International University in 2001as a result of the merger of CSPP, long a pioneer in the area of multicultural psychology, and international educational innovator United States International University, which brought to the partnership a number of international campuses and a significant number of international undergraduate and graduate students.

Alliant now has about 3500 regular students, with more than 90% in graduate and professional degree programs and over 5000 continuing education students. Alliant has six campuses in California and a substantive operational presence abroad. Alliant serves over two hundred local and international students abroad in multiple venues, including campuses in Mexico City and Tokyo and a doctoral program in Hong Kong. Alliant has inaugurated several strategic relationships with leading institutions abroad in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe.

The prestigious Western Association of Schools and Colleges, covering all top tier universities and colleges in the Western Region of the US, provides accreditation to Alliant International University in Japan.

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CSPP Japan Program -This innovative clinical psychology MA program was the first program of its kind to be offered in Tokyo. The three-year program is taught entirely in the Japanese language and is designed to develop culturally competent practitioners who will work in Japan. The program curriculum integrates US models of psychological theory and practice with modifications that are culturally appropriate for populations in Japan. Students benefit from the expertise of both US and Japanese faculty. The program includes field placement experiences throughout Japan with concurrent supervision and intervention courses as well as a master's project that is clinically based. The format of the program includes face-to-face classroom courses, online courses and eight day-long intensive seminar courses. The face-to-face classroom courses are based in Tokyo and take place on weekends, once per month. Students also attend a week-long intensive summer course in the US. Further information, in Japanese, is available at