Personal Information

California School of Forensic Studies

Forensic Psychology

Los Angeles Campus



Courses, Research Interests, Publications

Introduction to Psychotherapy

Dissertation Chair/Committee Member

Statistics I and II

Test Construction, Psychodynamic & Interpersonal Therapies

Forensic Assessment

Paranoia, Psychopathy, Psychosis and Cognitive/Emotional Capacities, Social and Media Influences Upon Juror Decision-Making, Social and Media Influences Upon Public Beliefs about Experts


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Michael, C.O. (2007). Paranoia: A social and self-report investigation. Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering, 67(9-B), pp. 5415.

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Combs, D.R., Michael, C.O., & Penn, D.L. (2006). Paranoia and emotion perception across the continuum. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 45, 19-31.

Academic History and Background

Bachelor's in Music - Oklahoma City University

PhD in Clinical Psychology - University of Tulsa

Master's in Clinical Psychology - University of Tulsa

Internship and Post-doctoral Fellowship - Patton State Hospital

Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy - Newport Psychoanalytic Institute

Professional Practice and Community Service

Dr. Michael works in criminal contexts (incompetent to stand trial, not guilty by reason of insanity, treatment appropriateness, forensic treatment) and works in civil forensics in the areas of workers' compensation/disability, hostile work environment, emotional injury, and fitness for duty for non-law enforcement personnel. He holds strong clinical interest in--and works primarily at a clinical group practice--providing intensive individual and group therapy.

Informal Advisor - Reach Out to Japan, a post-tsunami non-profit effort to provide needed psychosocial treatment and resources to those affected by the disaster.