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Personal Information

California School of Professional Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Fresno Campus

Interim Program Co-Director

Distinguished Professor

Alliant International University, Fresno
5130 E. Clinton Way
Fresno CA 93727


Courses, Research Interests, Publications

PSY 8475 Teaching Practicum II

PSY 8474 Teaching Practicum I

PSY 8465 Teaching with Distance Learning Methods

PSY 8500 Advanced Gay and Lesbian Issues in Psychology

PSY 7510 Teaching Methods

PSY 7112 History and Systems of Psychology

PSY 8913 and 8913 PsyD Doctoral Dissertation

PSY 7911 and 7912 PsyD Dissertation Proposal

Phenomenology; sister relationships; educational effectiveness of online learning; women's development; gay and lesbian issues; women's health; eating disorders in multi-cultural populations

Kuba, S. A. (book in progress with publishing contract, 2009) The Sister connection in therapy: A More complete understanding of women. New York: Oxford University Press.

O'Toole, S. K., Lanflisi, K., Kuba, S. A., Miller, K., Romeo, D., Cowan, R., & Demanarig, D. Development of an applied learning outcome measure of cultural competence. Submitted to Training and Education in Professional Psychology on May 18, 2009.

Kuba, S. A. & Harris, D. J. & O'Toole, S. K. (2009). Gender and Ethnic Oppression in the Treatment of Mexican American Women with Eating Disorders. Women and Therapy, In press.

Kuba, S. A. (2003). Sources of Anoretic Rage. An invited book review of The Development of Anorexia Nervosa: The Hunger Artists. Sylvia Brody. International Universities Press, 2002, 237pp, Psychology of Women Quarterly, 27, 191-192.

Kuba, S. A. & . Bluestone, H. H. (2002). Integrating Diversity Content across the Curriculum: Evaluation in a Clinical Graduate Program. In E. Davis-Russell (Ed.), The Multicultural Handbook. New York: Jossey-Bass.

Kuba, S. A. & Harris, D. J. (2001). Eating Disturbances in Women of Color: An Exploratory study of contextual facotrs in the development of eating disorders in Mexican -American Women. Healthcare for Women International, Special Issue: Women and Chronic Illness. 22, 281-298.

Kuba, S. A. & Templer, D. I. (1998). Cognitive and neuropsychological effects of malnutrition in a sociopolitical context. Online Journal of Psychology, 4, 85-96.

Kuba, S. A. & Kenkel, M. B. (1997). The Wellness of women: Implications for the rural healthcare provider. In edited text Rural Healthcare Primer. American Psychological Association: Washington D.C.

Harris, D. & Kuba, S. (1997). Cultural identity in the identification and treatment of eating disorders. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 16.

Harris-Bluestone, H., Stokes, A., & Kuba, S. (1996) Toward an integrated program design: Evaluating the status of diversity training in a graduate psychology curriculum. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 15, 394-400.

Kuba, S.A. & Hanchey, S. (1990). A Woman's Body: The Feminist Treatment of Eating Disorders. In N.J. Van Den Berg (Ed.) The Feminist Treatment of Addictions, Springer Publishing Co., New York.

Gender Identity and its Role in Body Image, Wellness and Health Evaluation

Multi-dimensional factors contributing the development of eating disorder symptoms in European American and Mexican American Women

Training Multiculturally and Internationally Competent Psychologists

Sister Relationships Throughout the Lifespan (Phenomenological Research)

Academic History and Background

PhD, California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno, 1981

California License No. PSY 8406

California License No. PSY 8406

Claymont High School - Distinguished Alumni Award, 2004

Fresno Area Psychological Association - Presidential Award, 2004

Alliant International University - Leadership Award, 2001

Professional Practice and Community Service

Private Practice, 1984

Past Treasure, Newsletter Editor and Program Chair for San Joaquin Psychological Association

Divisional Membership in APA's Psychology of Women and Society for the Study of Gay and Lesbian Concerns

Member of APA, NCSPP and Association for Women in Psychology

Salsbury, P. Infant Feeding Methods, Hunger-Satiety Awareness and Type II Diabetes

Viers, R. Early versus late intervention in childhood sexual abuse survivors

Park, Jeoung. Effects of age, acculturation and country on differences in mental health attitudes of Korean and Korean Americans.

Garcia, S. Qualitative Study of Adolescents with Mothers who have Been Incarcerated

Beckman, J. Consistency of Parental Attitudes toward Pet Ownership and Animal Assisted Therapy for their Children

Ortiz-Nance, M. M. Social Competence and Social Skills in Children with and without Maternal Depression

Gore, L. Relationship between Ethnic Identity, Social Support and Body Image Factors in Cardio-Vascular Risk Factors for African American Women

Woodbury, K. Perceived Job Control and Stress in Combat and non-Combat Military personnel Deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan

Ad Hoc Reviewer for the American Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Division 35 Reviewer

AD Hoc Reviewer for the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology - APA publication

Ad Hoc Reviewer for the Psychology of Women Quarterly, - APA Publication

Ad Hoc Reviewer for the Professional Psychology: Research and Practice - APA Publication

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