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Why Choose Alliant International University?

Service and leadership

Alliant’s schools are all pioneers in professional education and in preparing students for a wide variety of professional careers of leadership and service. Education and training at Alliant works to prepare practitioners who are equipped to make significant contributions right from the start of their careers and on through their professional lives.

Experience integrated into education

One of the University’s key beliefs is that students benefit from an education relevant to current community issues and based on a combination of academic theory in the classroom and hands-on experience in the field. This practical integration of theory and practice helps Alliant students to be innovative change agents solving the real-world issues of today’s diverse, global society.

Alliant provides a professional school environment—students learn from a faculty of seasoned working professionals and most receive practical training while still in school through a combination of internships, practica, consulting and community service projects.

Diversity in action

The academic experience at Alliant exposes students to a diverse community of students, faculty and staff which encourages different points of view, thinking outside the box and taking risks to address community challenges. The current student body at Alliant comes from 49 states and more than 75 countries.

Alliant has been a top producer of graduate degrees for minorities for the last five years. Our students come from all walks of life--first in the family to pursue a higher education, military veterans completing/re-starting their education, working professionals, graduates of community colleges as well as the Ivy League. We believe a diversity of views leads to a better environment for solving community problems and inspires bigger thinking.

Close mentoring relationships with our faculty provide students at Alliant with a nurturing and supportive environment. Combined with the supportive and diverse environment, students consistently say they are able to discover opportunities they might never find on their own.

A larger sense of purpose

At Alliant, success is measured not only in terms of the number of degrees awarded and the number of academic papers published but also by the impact students and graduates make in the communities in which they work. Our 45,000+ alumni contribute daily to diverse communities around the world.

Field placements, practica and internships are often aimed at benefiting underserved communities. Students frequently engage in community-based projects that address real needs and issues in their surrounding communities. Alliant students contribute more than one million hours of community service each year as part of their professional education.