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Application for Military Veteran Program Scholarship - (PDF)
Applied Criminology Program (MS)
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Applying for Documentation and Accommodations - Disabled Students
Articulation Agreements - Community Colleges
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Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data
Au Pair Program Course Descriptions
Au Program Coursework Requirements
Au Pair Weekend Program Registration
Au Pair Weekend Program in San Diego
Au Pair Weekend Program in San Francisco
Au Pair Weekend Program Student Testimonials
Au Pair Weekend Program Faculty & Staff


BA in Child Development
Behavior Assessment and Research (CSPP)
Black History Month
BS in Business Administration
BS in Criminal Justice
Budget Reevaluation Request Form - (PDF)


California Private Loan Marketplace
California School of Forensic Studies (CSFS)
California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP)
California Teaching Credential for International Teachers (HSOE)
CALS Deans - San Francisco Law School
Campus Fire Safety and Right to Know Disclosures
Careers and Internships (ASM)
Careers in Couple and Family Therapy (CSPP)
CBE Meetings & News (San Francisco Law School)
Center for Innovation & Change (CSPP)
Chemical Dependency Certificate - San Diego (CSPP)
Child Development BA (HSOE)
Clear Education Specialist Teaching Credential
Clinical Counseling (CSPP)
Clinical Counseling MA Program - San Francisco (CSPP)
Clinical Counseling MA Program - Fresno (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology MA Program - Japan (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology PhD Fresno (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology PhD LA (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology PhD San Diego (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology PhD San Francisco (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology PhD vs PsyD (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology Professional Training (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology PsyD Fresno (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology PsyD LA (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology PsyD Program - Hong Kong (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology PsyD Sacramento (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology PsyD San Diego (CSPP)
Clinical Psychology PsyD San Francisco (CSPP)
Clinical Psychopharmacology (CSPP)
Code of Conduct for Education Loans - (PDF)
Community (For)
Community Engagement at CSPP
Completion - Graduation - Transfer-out Rates (Consumer Information)- (PDF)
Computer and Network Responsibility Use (Consumer Information) - (PDF)
Connect with Alliant
Connect with Alumni (Social Media Connections)
Consulting Services of CSPP
Consumer Information - College Navigator
Consumer Information Brochure for Students - (PDF)
Consumer Information for Students - Parents - HEOA
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Couple and Family Therapy (CSPP)
Course Catalog
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Credit for Military Experience
Criminal Justice Systems BS (CSFS)

CSFS Admissions
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CSFS Calendar
CSFS Faculty
CSFS Faculty Leadership
CSFS Field Training
CSFS Field Training Faculty
CSFS in Pretoria Africa
CSFS International
CSFS Match Rates
CSFS Programs & Degrees
CSFS Research
CSPP Accreditation and Licensure
CSPP Admissions
CSPP Alumni & Friends
CSPP Alumni Benefits
CSPP Alumni Events
CSPP Alumni Newsletter
CSPP Application Forms and Instructions
CSPP at College Fairs
CSPP Calendar
CSPP Dean's Message
CSPP Faculty
CSPP Faculty List by Program
CSPP Faculty Research & Professional Activities
CSPP Graduate Certificate Programs
CSPP International Programs in Hong Kong and Japan
CSPP Open Houses
CSPP Programs and Degrees
CSPP Scholarships and Financial Aid
CSPP Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion Programs
CSPP Student and Faculty Achievements
CSPP Special Instructions for International Applicants
CTEL Program-CLAD Certificate


DBA: Doctorate - Business Administration (ASM)
Department of Education Student Guide
Dependent Verification Form - (PDF)
Diploma Policy - (PDF)
Diploma: Replacement Request - (PDF)
Disability & Health Psychology (CSPP)
Disability Services
Diversity Scholarship Application - (PDF)
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program - (PDF)


Educational Administration (MAE) (HSOE)
Educational and School Psychology Graduate Programs (HSOE)
Education Leadership and Management (EdD) (HSOE)
Educational Leadership and Management Graduate Programs (HSOE)
Educational Psychology (PsyD) (HSOE)
Entrance Counseling for Student Borrowers
Exit Counseling for Student Borrowers


Faculty List (Full-time)

FAFSA Online Application
FAQ's for Students with Disabilities
FastWeb Scholarship Search
Federal Student Disclosure Requirements - (PDF)
Federal Student Loans
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Financial Aid Checklist - (PDF)
Financial Aid Code of Conduct - (PDF)
Financial Aid Documents & Forms
Financial Aid for Graduate Students
Financial Aid for Undergraduates
Financial Aid Handbook - Undergraduate & Graduate
Financial Aid Office
Financial Aid Office Code of Conduct - (PDF)
Financial Aid Office Contacts
Financial Literacy Training: Online Loan Counseling
Financing Your Education - Military Students
Fire Safety Report - Fire Logs
For Prospective Students
For the Media (CSFS)
For the Media - Alliant Contacts
Fresno - Kauffman Library
Fresno Campus
Fresno Community Services (CSPP)
Fresno PSC


General Information for College
Gerontology - San Diego
Get a FAFSA PIN Number (Department of Education)
Get access to MyAlliant (forgot my login)
Get Involved
Giving to Alliant
Golden State Psychology Internship Association
Grade Descriptions


History of HSOE
How to Apply for Financial Aid - (PDF)
How to Apply for Your Military Benefits
How to Obtain Military Transcripts
HSOE Admissions
HSOE Alumni
HSOE Calendar & Events
HSOE Faculty and Staff
HSOE Field Placements - Internships
HSOE Partners for Success
HSOE Programs, Degrees and Credentials
HSOE Scholarships
HSOE's International Language Education Center


I-MERIT Institutional Diversity Plan
Immigration FAQ
Independent Verification Form - (PDF)
India Cultural Immersion Program (CSPP)
Infant-Preschooler Mental Health Certificate - Multi-campus (CSPP)
International Counseling Psychology MA Program - Mexico City (CSPP)
International Students at Alliant
Irvine - Information Resource Center
Irvine Campus
Italy Immersion Program in Family Therapy & Italian Culture


Jay Haley Scholarship - (PDF)
Jobs at Alliant


Latin American Family Therapy - Mexico City (CSPP)
Latino Achievement Initiative (LAI)
Leaders We Need - CSPP
Leadership and Governance at Alliant
LGBT Human Services and Mental Health Certificate (CSPP)
Loan Counseling
Loan Forgiveness Programs - (PDF)
Loan Repayment Calculators
Locations and Campuses
Los Angeles Campus
Los Angeles Community Services (CSPP)
Los Angeles Library


Marital and Family Therapy (MFT) MA Program (CSPP)
Marital and Family Therapy (MFT) PsyD Program (CSPP)
MBA - Entrepreneurship Concentration (ASM)
MBA - Finance Concentration (ASM)
MBA - Information and Technology Concentration (ASM)
MBA - International Marketing Concentration (ASM)
MBA - Masters - Business Administration (ASM)
Meet CSPP Students
Meet HSOE Alumni
Meet HSOE Students
Meet Alliant Alumni
Meet San Francisco Law School Students
Mexico City Campus
Mexico City Community Services (CSPP)
Mexico City Immersion Program (CSPP)
Military Benefits
Military Dependents
Missing Student Policy - (PDF)
Monte Fenix Institute (CSPP)
Multicultural Immersion
Multiculturalism and Diversity at Alliant
Multiple Career Paths


Name Change Form - (PDF)
NASFAA Code Of Conduct - (PDF)
National Student Loan Data System Loan Summary Information
Net Price Calculator
New Teach Grant for Education Students
New Teach Grant for Students Going Into Teaching
Notice of Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations - (PDF)


Oakland PSC
Obtaining Institutional or Financial Aid Information - (PDF)
Online Donation Form
Open House Events at Alliant
Opportunities for Alliant Students
Organization Development PsyD (CSPP)
Organizational Behavior Masters (CSPP)

Organizational Consulting Center (OCC)
Organizational Psychology (CSPP)
Organizational Psychology MA (CSPP)
Organizational Psychology PhD (CSPP)


P2P File Sharing Policy - (PDF)
Payment Deadlines 
Phone Directory - All Alliant
Placement in Employment (Consumer Information) - (PDF)
Potential Employers: Post a Job
Preliminary Education Specialist Teaching Credential
Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential/Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
Prepare for College
Presidio College
Privacy of Student Records - (FERPA) - (PDF)
Privacy Policy
Private Education Loan Application and Solicitation Model Form - (PDF)
Private Education Loan Application and Solicitation Sample
Private Education Loan Approval Model Form - (PDF)
Private Education Loan Approval Sample - (PDF)
Private Education Loan Disclosures - Truth in Lending - (PDF)
Private Education Loan Final Model Form - (PDF)
Private Education Loan Final Sample - (PDF)
Professional Training & Community Engagement
Pupil Personnel Services Credential Only program


Refund Policy - (PDF)
Withdrawal - (PDF)
Return of Title IV/HEA - (PDF)
Registrar (Public)
Registrar: Latest Announcements
Request Information Form
Request Your Transcript
Research Institutes of CSPP
Research and Scholarship
Retention Rate - (PDF)
Returning Adults
Rockway Institute (CSPP)


Sacramento Campus
Sacramento Library
San Diego - Walter Library
San Diego Campus
San Diego Community Services (CSPP)
San Diego Law School - Academic Policies
San Diego Law School - Accreditation
San Diego Law School - Admissions
San Diego Law School - Alumni
San Diego Law School - Alumni Association
San Diego Law School - Application
San Diego Law School - Faculty
San Diego Law School - Financial Aid & Scholarships
San Diego Law School - Graduate-Alumni Dinner
San Diego Law School - History
San Diego Law School - Links
San Diego Law School - Mission Statement
San Diego Law School - Monthly Open Houses
San Diego Law School - News
San Diego Law School - Program & Coursework
San Diego Law School - Sample Curriculum
San Diego Law School - SBA Spring Dinner Dance
San Diego Law School - Tuition & Fees
San Diego Law School - Visiting Students
San Diego Law School - Letter from the Dean
San Francisco - Hurwich Library
San Francisco Campus - Beach St
San Francisco Campus - Haight St
San Francisco Community Services (CSPP)
San Francisco Law School (SFLS)
Scholarship Application - (PDF)
Scholarship For Disadvantaged Students - (PDF)
Scholarships at Alliant
School Counseling Graduate Degree and Credentialing Programs
School Counseling Graduate Degree Program with Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential
School Counseling Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential
School Psychology (HSOE)
School Psychology (MA with PPS) (HSOE)
School Soup Scholarship Search
Search Courses- Programs- Degrees
Search Student Dissertations
Search Faculty Profiles
Search News
Search Staff Profiles
Search the Library
Security Report - Timely Warnings - Crime Log
San Francisco Law School Academic Policies
San Francisco Law School - Accreditation
San Francisco Law School - Admissions
San Francisco Law School - Alumni
San Francisco Law School - Alumni Association
San Francisco Law School - Application
San Francisco Law School - Calendar
San Francisco Law School - Faculty
San Francisco Law School - Financial Aid & Scholarships
San Francisco Law School - Graduate-Alumni Dinner
San Francisco Law School - Graduation
San Francisco Law School - Hall of Fame Gala
San Francisco Law School - History
San Francisco Law School - Links
San Francisco Law School - Map and Directions
San Francisco Law School - Mission Statement
San Francisco Law School - Monthly Open Houses
San Francisco Law School - News
San Francisco Law School - Program & Coursework
San Francisco Law School - Sample Curriculum
San Francisco Law School - SBA Spring Dinner Dance
San Francisco Law School - Student Services
San Francisco Law School - Tuition & Fees
San Francisco Law School - Visiting Students
San Francisco Law School - For Prospective Students
San Francisco Law School - Letter from the Dean
School Psychology MA with PPS (HSOE)
Shirley Hufstedler School of Education
Social Media Connections
State Grant Assistance
State Grants Available
Student Body Diversity - (PDF)
Student Business Services: FAQS
Student Financial Aid Information
Student Loan Information (Dept. of NSLDS)
Student Resources (Locations)
Student Rights and Responsibilities for Student Loans - (PDF)
Subsidized/Unsubsidized Stafford and Grad Plus Loan Entrance Online Counseling
Subsidized/Unsubsidized Stafford and Grad Plus Loan Exit Online Counseling
Support Alliant
Support CSPP


TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve
Teach Grant Fact Sheet - (PDF)
TEACH Grant Required Counseling
Teacher Education and Credentialing Programs (HSOE)
Teacher Preparation Report - (PDF)
Teachers CHOICE Programs (HSOE)
Teaching Masters Online (HSOE)
Terms & Conditions: Alliant.edu
TESOL Graduate Certificate (HSOE)
TESOL Graduate Programs (HSOE)
Textbook Information
The ASM Student Experience
The Sallie Mae Fund
Tips to apply for scholarships
Title IX Notice
Transcript Request
Transfer of Credit Policies - (PDF)
TRI-EFT Clinic
Tuition - Fees - Price of Attendance
Tuition and Fees
Types of Graduate-Professional Education In which Graduates Enrolled (Consumer Information) - (PDF)


Undergraduate Degrees
Undergraduate - Liberal Studies in Education
Undergraduate - Mexico City Programs
Undergraduate Admission Requirements
Undergraduate Faculty
Undergraduate Programs & Majors
Undergraduate Psychology
University Accreditation
University Donor Scholarships - (PDF)
Update Your Information


Veterans & Military Students at Alliant
View Course Schedules


Ways of Giving
Welcome from President Cox
Welcome from the Dean of CSFS
What Makes a CSPP Education Valuable?
Why Alliant International University?
William D. Ford Direct Loan Program
World Council for Curriculum and Instruction

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