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San Francisco Law School Student Services


San Francisco Law School provides students with an extensive law library for their use, the Daniel and Bethel Burbank Law Library.

Daniel and Bethel Burbank Law Library

San Francisco Law School maintains a working library that is available to students Monday through Saturday during class and office hours. The collection includes current California, Federal, and Supreme Court cases, Regional Reporters, Statutes, Encyclopedia, specialized Treatises, Digests, Law Reviews, Periodicals and other legal reference material. The San Francisco Law School library has student WiFi and all students have on-line access to the LexisNexis legal research resources.

Monday through Thursday: 9:30AM to 9:00PM
Friday: 8:30AM to 1:30PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 12 PM

  • San Francisco Law School students may also use the Hastings Law Library at 200 McAllister Street.
  • Additionally, the extensive holdings of the San Francisco County Law Library in City Hall are within easy walking distance of the Law School.
  • Students also find the downtown branch of the San Francisco County Law Library, located at 685 Market Street, to be convenient, and those living outside San Francisco will find that they have easy access to the county law libraries in Oakland, San Rafael, San Mateo and other convenient locations.


Links to other Law Libraries in the San Francisco Bay Area:



Group Study

San Francisco Law School encourages student interaction and promotes the forming of study groups. Student interaction is also facilitated by the various school clubs. While all students are members of the SBA, one can choose to participate in other student organizations such as Delta Theta Phi, Law Fraternity International; and the Black Law Student's Association.

Student Bar Association

The primary purpose of the Student Bar Association is to create a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to student interests and concerns. The Student Bar Association (SBA) receives funds for all students. All San Francisco Law School students are members of the SBA and are encouraged to take an active role.