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Tuition and Fees

Tuition for 2015-2016 for San Francisco Law School students will be $850/unit and $875/unit for visiting students.

San Francisco Law School Student Fees: 

  • Application Fee: $65
  • General Fees: $210 (San Francisco) 
  • General Fees: $100 (San Diego)
  • Student Bar Association Fee: $40
  • Late Registration Fee: $130
  • Transcript Fee: $10
  • Rescheduling Examination Fee: $75
  • Returned Check Fee: $40
  • Graduation Fee: $210
  • Computerized Examination Fees: $40 


Visiting Student Fees: 

  • $875/unit
  • Application Fee: $65

All fees are non refundable and are subject to change upon reasonable notice. Fees and tuition are subject to change at the discretion of San Francisco Law School.

Class materials fee will be charged for printed materials assigned by an instructor to supplement or substitute in whole or in part for assigned books. These fees will vary with the cost of reproduction and will be charged automatically to the student's account.

All students are required to register by July 15

Registration and enrollment agreements will be made available to all incoming and continuing students. Additionally, registration forms are available at the Administration desk.

Tuition Refund Policy

Any refund due to a student will be mailed to the student's last known address. Alternatively, the student may make arrangements to come in to the Law School to pick up the refund once it is prepared. Refunds will generally be made within 30 days of the student's written notice of withdrawal.

If the student is a financial aid recipient, credit balances resulting from tuition adjustments under the withdrawal policy will be refunded to the appropriate financial aid program or lender. A financial aid calculation will be completed to determine what financial aid ramifications will occur based on the student's official date of withdrawal. A students may be required to return funds to the financial aid program or lender if the student is are no longer eligible for benefits received based on this calculation.

If a student wishes to have an unofficial calculation completed before deciding to withdraw, he/she should contact the Administrative Dean or Accounting to arrange for a meeting.

No refunds will be made by virtue of curtailment of school or services resulting from strikes, acts of God, civil insurrection, terrorism, riots or the treat of riots, or any other cause beyond the control of San Francisco Law School.

Veteran's Tuition Refund Policy

San Francisco Law School refund policy is subject only to rules of the Veteran's Administration for those students who are receiving veteran's benefits. A veteran who withdraws or is discontinued from completing the course will receive a prorata refund of the unused portion of tuition. An established registration fee in an amount not to exceed $10 is not subject to proration. Registration fees in excess of $10 and other fees will be subject to proration.

Graduation Fees

A graduation fee of $210 is charged to each fourth year student eligible for a degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence. Graduation fees are payable at the beginning of the second semester of the fourth year.

Requests for Transcripts

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, prohibits the release of educational records by institutions without the specific written consent of the student or alumnus. Students or alumni may request copies of their records by writing to the Law School. There is a charge of $10 for each transcript requested.