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The Honorable Harry Dorfman, a San Francisco Superior Court Judge.



"Committed to delivering a quality legal education and creating opportunity for legal students in California"


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Daniel J. Lanahan, SFLS Alumnus, a leader in mass-tort litigation and a community leader in San Francisco.

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CALS Deans

The California Accredited Law Schools (CALS) is a voluntary association of law schools accredited by the State Bar of California, Committee of Bar Examiners. Accreditation began  in 1937, and San Francisco Law School is the longest, continuously accredited law school in California

In 2009, the State Bar established the Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) to give voice and collaboration to the process of writing and amending rules applicable to the Accredited Law Schools. San Francisco Law School represented the CALS Deans throughout the inaugural year of the RAC.

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