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Sacramento Campus

Alliant's Sacramento campus is located in the City serving as California's capital. Approximately 200 students are enrolled annually in a number of schools and programs:

Sacramento Campus Graduate Programs

MFT Educational Stipends are available for eligible students. The stipend program is designed to serve local needs and develop mental health resources in our communities.

Helpful Links

• Student Support Services
• Directions to Campus 

The Alliant Sacramento student population is very diverse, with an age range of 21-62. The student body is 80 percent female and 20 percent male, and approximately 36 percent are students of color or international students.

The campus occupies 17,000 square feet consisting of 10 classrooms, space for student/faculty research, and student service delivery points in addition to the library.

2030 West El Camino Ave. Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95833
Tel: (916) 565-2955 / Fax: (916) 565-2959
Admissions: 866-825-5426

Kimberly Gardner, Coordinator for Campus and Student Services
(916) 561-3204

Students at the Sacramento campus enjoy the opportunity to be in the city where policies are discussed, debated and decided. The campus is easily accessible from all major thoroughfares in the metropolitan Sacramento area.

Parking Information

The Sacramento Campus offers ample free parking for guests and visitors.