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Frequently Asked Questions - Clear Education Specialist Teaching Credential (Mild-Moderate Disabilities)

What is the program format? Is it online?

The program is a 12-unit, hybrid format blending online courses and Saturday seminars. Candidates complete one, 4-unit online course each semester. In addition to the online course, candidates complete a 2-unit field mentorship and seminar course each semester. This field mentorship course entails meeting with a designated mentor a minimum of four times and attending two Saturday half-day seminars each semester.  


How long is the program? How long does it take to complete?

The program is designed to be completed in two semesters.


What are course assignments like?

Assignments are applied and practical in nature, and may frequently draw upon and be completed using work, plans, and other efforts completed during the candidate’s teaching experience and career.


Are there any program prerequisites?

In addition to requiring a valid California Preliminary Education Specialist Credential in Mild-Moderate Disabilities, Alliant’s Clear program also requires completion of or enrollment in the CCTC-required Autism Spectrum Disorders Added Authorization (ASDAA). Candidates who completed a California Preliminary Education Specialist program without the ASDAA embedded, or who have not yet completed an ASDAA program will be required to successfully to do so prior to program completion. Alliant currently offers a one weekend workshop + portfolio ASDAA program.


Can I earn a master’s degree as well?

Candidates may choose to enroll in Alliant’s online Master of Arts in Education with Teaching Emphasis program either concurrently with the Clear credential program or upon its completion. All 12 units of the Clear program may be applied toward completion of the master’s 30 total units, leaving just 18 additional units (6 courses) to complete online. Some candidates may be eligible to transfer in up to 6 units of graduate-level coursework based upon their academic record and qualifying courses.


I’m not currently a special education teacher. Can I still clear my Preliminary Education Specialist credential?

The CTC does not require any Preliminary Education Specialist credential holders to maintain employment as a teacher-of-record to enroll in or complete a Clear program. Candidates must only have access to students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) to complete assignments. Alliant’s program coordinator can work with a candidate to set up such access if the candidate does not have connections of their own that they wish to utilize.


Are there any summer courses available?

There are no summer courses available unless the candidate is dually enrolled in the online Master of Arts in Education with Teaching Emphasis program.


Can I take a semester off and finish the following semester?

The program is designed to be two consecutive semesters. We do not encourage candidates to take a semester off, as the required courses are only offered once per year in sequence. For instance, a candidate who started the program in Fall and took the next Spring semester off would not be able to re-enter the program until the subsequent Spring to obtain the classes needed. If a candidate must take time off, s/he must reapply to the program when they wish to re-enter unless s/he has requested and received approval for a Leave of Absence of up to two semesters. 


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