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Alliant Faculty Margaret Sedor Named as National Association of School Psychologists Delegate



"It is impossible to put into words how great my classes are going. The kids are rising to challenges that they never thought possible, they love being in my class and are doing really great work. I love getting up in the morning and coming to work! These kids amaze me every single day... I would like to thank each of you personally for shaping me into the teacher that I am!"

George Brandley - Green Dot Public Schools

Los Angeles CA Teacher Class of 2008


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Hufstedler School of Education Alumni Share Expertise with Mexico City Teachers

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Alliant Student Receives Latino Teacher of the Year Award

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Field Placements - Internships

HSOE offers various Internship and Field Placement Opportunities for our students:

In the HSOE Teacher Preparation Programs there are several opportunities for field placements in varied and diverse schools sites. In California, field placements and program are accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Candidates in general and special education work toward their preliminary teaching credential while completing their related field placement. HSOE partners with over 30 districts in California for placement of their Candidates. One third of our placement sites are currently at California Charter Schools. HSOE encourages placements at high needs schools and districts;   54% of our placements were at schools whose percentage of students eligible for Free or Reduced Price Meals was greater than the district average. 95% are placed as intern teachers, serving as the teacher-of-record at their school site while attending Alliant’s preparation program; 5% are placed as student teachers, working with a master teacher at our partner schools.

Additionally, HSOE sponsors an international intern program and student teaching program. In the intern program, teachers who are California credentialed through Alliant may serve as a visiting teacher at a partner international school for one-week as a part of our partnership in recruiting teachers for international teaching. Our international student teaching program supports Candidate’s completing their 18 weeks of student teaching at both a school in California and an international school.

In the HSOE PPS Credential Program in School Psychology students participate in a 450 coursework practicum experience during their first two years in the Credential program. Each of the courses that students are enrolled in during the first two years have assignments attached to them that are completed within a school context. Students are provided with access to school districts where they can complete these assignments.

The programs have developed relationships with school districts in the communities surrounding the Alliant campuses where students can begin their professional socialization in the profession of school psychology.

Typically, students are assigned each year to a school district where they have access to a group of schools the communities surrounding the four campuses where they can complete their assignments. Additionally, during the second year of the coursework practicum, students will complete additional assignments determined by the Alliant practicum supervisor that further prepare them to embark upon their third year school psychology 1200 hour internship. Students have a school psychologist within the school district to serve, as a contact person, but coursework practicum supervision occurs weekly on campus with their Alliant Practicum supervisor.

 The third year 1200 hour internship requirement can be fulfilled utilizing two structures : 1) a full-time 40 hour + internship during the academic school year (August – June) or 2) a part-time internship where the 1200 hours must be completed within 24 months of the start of the internship.

Students beginning interviewing for an internship position during the Spring trimester of their second year. The Alliant practicum supervisor provides guidance and supervision during this process. There are three types of school psychology internships that typically exist : 1) a fully paid school psychology internship, 2) a school psychology internship that is attached to a stipend, or 3) an unpaid school psychology internship. Our students have been successful in acquiring internships in a range of school districts that surround the Alliant campuses. One goal of the systemwide program is to establish and maintain long-term collaborative relationships with these school districts along a number of dimensions to enhance our training of the next generations of school psychologists.