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Professional Training

A Hands-On Training Approach

Paulo Freire’s critical pedagogy is a prominent influence on the educational approach of International Counseling Psychology program. The model for engagement in a Freirean educational format is conscientización, roughly equivalent to the idea of consciousness-raising (Berryman, 1987) and compatible with a social constructionist view of knowledge. The program avoids “banking education”, or the idea that faculty should attempt to simply transfer knowledge from themselves to students. While the program does expose students the existing knowledge in the field, we use a dialogical approach characterized by a collective responsibility among learners, teachers, and the community.

The emphasis in training is on the application of systemic (couples and family therapy) and counseling psychology therapy models while taking into account the larger community context.

For more information about practicum requirements, visit the catalog.

Clinical Practicum Training

During their second year, students complete the clinical practicum portion of the program. Students must gain 500 hours of face to face clinical experience under the supervision of qualified supervisors, as well as 100 hours of supervision and 50 hours of additional professional development.

The vast majority of clinical training is conducted in Spanish with Mexican clients in a variety of governmental and institutions throughout the city. Students also see clients at the California Clinic, a counseling and dialogue center housed at the Alliant Mexico City campus. Mexico City offers a wealth of diverse clinical opportunities, ranging from public and hospitals, clinics, religiously-affiliated clinics, correctional facilities, and other community-based organizations.

A World-Class Clinic Right on Campus

The California Clinic: An Alliant Counseling and Dialogue Center serves as a clinical training and research facility that provides an affordable space for dialogue and counseling services. Its mission is three fold:

  1. Service: To serve communities who face barriers in connecting with competent mental health care in Mexico City.

  2. Training: To provide live supervision, case consultation, and team practice in systemic approaches.

  3. Research: To study the application of systemic and counseling approaches in Mexico, and the exploration of therapy methods originating in Mexico and Latin America.