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International Competence

Become a Bilingual Professional

Although instruction is primarily provided in English, the majority of students in the program also participate in the campus’ excellent Spanish language program. A practicum program provides opportunities for student to gain practical experience in Mexican mental health agencies or in the on-campus California Clinic, under the supervision of supportive and competent mentors.

There is an urgent demand for counselors who are bilingual and prepared to work in multicultural and international environments. For this reason, students from multiple national backgrounds have recognized the investment that living and studying internationally, as well as becoming bilingual, has for their future career. Mexico students have also recognized the benefits of studying in a multi-national and bilingual educational environment and the door this opportunity opens for them.

An International Curriculum

The International Counseling Psychology master’s program is informed primarily by systemic and postmodern counseling models developed in the United States and Europe, integrated with Latin American-originating theories and healing practices. International themes frame all studies. The program requires a course load of 63 credits, distributed across 19 theory courses and 4 practicum training classes, over a two-year period that includes two summer sessions.

The program prepares graduates to be an international professional who is able to demonstrate a knowledge of global systems, global issues and the key forces shaping lives around the planet such as economics, world history, contemporary debates, the decline of nation-states, and global health issues and be able to articulate the clinical implications of these factors.