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Our Faculty

Adrian Avila
Assistant Professor, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, 2015; Loma Linda University
Research interests: qualitative dyadic developmental research, assessment in MFT, qualitative ethnography, and phenomenology.

Alyssa Banford
Assistant Professor, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, 2011; Texas Tech University
Research interests: Community trauma, particularly natural disasters; resilience and trauma symptoms relating to community trauma; the influences of community trauma on attachment; internal working models; relational coping mechanisms

Hao-Min Chen
Assistant Professor, Irvine, CFT Program
PhD, 2013 ; The University of Georgia
Research interests: Diversity and couple and family therapy, including the influence of contexts on the well-being of Asian/Asian American families and older populations; culturally sensitive interventions; MFT education and training; and qualitative methods

Iman Dadras
Assistant Professor, Irvine, CFT Program
PhD, 2016; University of Minnesota
Research interests: "self of therapist" in different social context, and applied neuroscience in the field of couple and family therapy.

Manijeh Daneshpour
Professor and Site Director, Irvine CFT Program
PhD, 1996; University of Minnesota
Research interests: Multicultural couple and family therapy, gender relations, social justice, and third wave feminism.

Sean Davis
Professor, Sacramento, CFT Program
PhD, 2005; Virginia Tech
Research interests: Common factors across effective MFT models; MFT training and supervision; commonalities of healthy and distressed couples; process and outcome research; observational research; bridging the scientist/practitioner gap in MFT

Sandra Espinoza
Visiting Assistant Professor, Los Angeles, CFT Program
PsyD, 2015; Alliant International University
Research interests: SES, legal status and attachment in couple therapy

Tatiana Glebova
Associate Professor and Site Director, Sacramento, CFT Program
PhD, 2002; Fuller Theological Seminary
Research interests: Family therapy process and outcome research; observational research; contextual therapy; families with adolescents; adolescent risky behaviors including substance abuse; cultural issues

Alexander Hsieh
Assistant Professor, Sacramento, CFT Program
PhD Candidate, 2013; Brigham Young University
Research interests: Cultural competency, minority issues, Asian-American families and couples in therapy, observational research, and adolescent internalized issues including shame, depression, and self-esteem

Angela B. Kim
Assistant professor, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, 2010; Teachers College, Columbia University
Research interests: Asian American mental health and coping behaviors; immigrant youth and families' cultural adjustment; acculturation and enculturation differences between parent and child; culturally appropriate interventions

Marianne McInnes Miller
Associate Professor and Site Director, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, 2003; Texas Tech University
Research interests: Spirituality in psychotherapy training and practice; spirituality and couples; mindfulness; trauma; qualitative methodology; feminist issues

Darren Moore
Associate Professor and Site Director, San Francisco, CFT Program
PhD, 2012; Virginia Tech
Research interests: obesity, weight loss, eating disorders, and addictions, with an emphasis on health disparities among men, African American Families, and other marginalized populations

Rajeswari Natrajan-Tyagi
Associate Professor, Irvine, CFT Program
PhD, 2004; Purdue University
Research interests: Immigration; cross-cultural research; cultural immersion programs; self-of-therapist training and supervision; qualitative research; systemic training and evaluation

Sesen Negash
Assistant Professor, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, The Florida State University
Research interests: At-risk sexual behaviors among monogamous couples and racial minorities; race/ethnic sexual health disparities; MFTs in health care settings; relationship based sexual health education; interpersonal implications of sexual behaviors (i.e., pornography, cybersex, and sexual infidelity) on monogamous dating relationships.

Alba Nino
Assistant Professor, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, 2013 ; Drexel University
Research interests: Person of the therapist training and supervision; immigrant therapists; immigrant families; attachment based therapies; attachment focused therapies

Hye-Sun Ro
Assistant Professor and Site Director, Los Angeles, CFT Program
PhD, 2007; Texas Tech University
Research interests: Therapy with minority couples and families, and couple relationships including trans- and intra-cultural/racial couple relationships, dating, and marriage

Gita Seshadri
Assistant Professor, Sacramento, CFT Program
PhD, 2010; Loma Linda University
Research interests: Experiences of interracial couples and families, culture, process-based research, qualitative research, parent-child relationships, factors influencing attachment in relationships, the impact of family of origin on self, couple, and family, how addiction impacts the family, and bullying/trauma

Linna Wang
Professor, San Diego, CFT Program and Systemwide Program Director, MFT Program
PhD, 1996; Brigham Young University
Research interests: Cross-cultural issues; mental health service delivery issues; MFT training in the multicultural context; survey research; impact of family factors on children; Native American studies

Roberto Weiss, MA, LMFT
Clinical Training Coordinator, Instructor, San Diego, CFT Program
MA, Clinical Psychology/Mental Health Services1988; New School for Social Research.
MA, Marriage and Family Therapy 1996; United States International University
CA MFT License 1999
Research interests: Community mental health services, training, supervision and administration; Latinos/Latinas in the United States; bilingual therapy, cultural competence and immigration experiences. T.E.R.M. Advisory Board member since 2010

Scott R. Woolley
Distinguished Professor, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, 1995; Texas Tech University
Research interests: Emotionally focused therapy; courtship, marriage, couples therapy; MFT process, and outcome research; observational research; cultural issues in couple relationships; MFT supervision processes; MFT therapy training; chemical dependency

Jenna Scott
Assistant Professor, San Francisco, CFT Program
PhD, 2015; Florida State University
Research interests: Research interests: parenting processes, mindfulness-based interventions, community-based participatory research, adolescent substance use, parent training interventions with at-risk families.