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Featured Students

Jennifer Foster is in her 2nd year of the Fresno PsyD program. She is currently completing her practicum at the Psychological Service Center (PSC) on campus and learning to work effectively within a system of care. Jennifer is also part of a research group that presented at the 2014 APA Convention in Washington, DC. The research was focused on rating course syllabi on levels of culture. She was able to apply the theoretical framework learned from her program to this research. While attending the CSPP PsyD program, she is also working as a Student Assistant with the Program Director. From this she has received great interaction with professionals in addition to growing her own connections. Jennifer is from the central valley and is committed to building a career in an underserved area. On top of working and school, Jennifer has helped to start a mentorship program at CSPP for incoming students. She and other members of her cohort will help guide new students through coursework, other academic expectations and navigating campus services.  

Heather MooreHeather Moore is in her 2nd year of the Fresno PsyD program with an emphasis in Ecosystemic Child Development. She is currently Co-President of the Fresno campus Student Government Association (SGA). During her first year, she worked as a counselor for children from K-5th grade. From this experience, she found that some children open up faster than others and building trust helps to make them feel comfortable enough to open up. Heather is impressed with how involved and supportive the professors within her program are. They make an effort to have students visit their private practices to meet other working professionals and build a deep professional network. Heather is part of a small cohort that is very close and supportive. This year she gave a presentation with a research group at the Columbia Teachers Conference and the 2014 APA Convention. This was her first time presenting and, being the youngest of the group, she was very nervous. Heather's group helped her find the confidence to make it through the presentation flawlessly. In the future, Heather hopes to have her own practice for children and families with a focus on art therapy and play therapy. 

CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PsyD student

Fulviu Mihai Fodoreanu
I feel honored to be a graduate student at CSPP Fresno in the Clinical PsyD program. After talking to licensed psychologists throughout my years in undergraduate studies, I found a common theme to be present when inquiring about graduate programs in Psychology: a deep respect and appreciation for the quality of education offered by CSPP, which stood out from other universities. One of my undergraduate professors said, “If you want a Business degree, you go to Harvard because they are the best in that field; and if you want a Psychology degree, you go to CSPP because they are the best in that field.” My experience here is amazing; from qualified doctors teaching the classes, to amazing opportunities offered within the specialized program; from highly trained and qualified staff, to a professional and high-paced environment, they all exceeded my expectations. CSPP professors are not only educators, but licensed psychologists working in the applied field, and I feel privileged to be taught by them. CSPP has transformed my weaknesses into strengths through their approach towards education and I am grateful for it. CSPP has enriched my life, my professional skills and stance. I am a better student now, and I will be a better Psychologist because of CSPP. I plan to go into Private Practice after my graduation, and I am confident that my training here will prepare me for what is to come and more. CSPP raised the bar in doctoral studies.

Christa Johnson CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PsyD student

Christa Johnson
I am a Clinical Psychology PsyD student at CSPP; I graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a major in Psychology. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, I worked in various crisis and inpatient settings in the central valley. I chose to pursue a PsyD at CSPP for many reasons. First, I was impressed with the emphasis CSPP places on cultural sensitivity, as I believe practicing as a competent clinician is not possible without this knowledge. As a result of this emphasis, I feel confident in my ability to conduct psychotherapy as a sensitive clinician who takes special care to respect the unique beliefs and experiences of my clients. I was also impressed with CSPP’s emphasis on the integration of theory and applied practice, taking care to highlight the importance of evidence-based therapeutic interventions. Through the use of vignettes and role-plays in class and the core faculty’s abundance of knowledge and clinical experience, CSPP has provided me with wonderful support in conceptualizing cases and implementing appropriate interventions with my clients. At CSPP, my clinical work has included conducting psychological assessment and individual psychotherapy with adolescents in school settings, therapy with individuals with co-occurring substance abuse disorders and mental illness, and trauma-based work with recently victimized women and children. The program has also afforded me the opportunity to conduct psychological assessments in forensic and rural settings with adolescents and adults. My clinical interests are in work with adolescents and families, and clients with persistent and severe mental illness.

Catherine Padilla CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PsyD student

Catherine Padilla
As a Clinical Psychology PsyD student at CSPP, I have been afforded the wonderful opportunity of pursuing my goal of becoming a licensed clinical psychologist. I have been honored to receive the CSPP Dean’s Award of Excellence each year that I have been at CSPP. CSPP has also allowed me to study child psychology, an area of interest I hope to pursue further as I progress through both the program and my career. The support and reception I have received while beginning the difficult dissertation process has exceeded my expectations and allowed me to focus on a topic that is both interesting and exciting. Although I entered CSPP with limited clinical training, I have since developed a level of competency and confidence that has allowed me to work well with various populations and different settings. I chose this program because it serves my community, as a life-long Central Valley resident, it was important to me to remain local while also having access to the tools necessary for serving this diverse population. CSPP strives to incorporate knowledge of diversity into each course, providing students with a wealth of knowledge to draw upon while working in various placements. Ultimately, I chose CSPP after talking with a number of mental health professionals who spoke highly of the program and its graduates. Working in the community through practicum placement, I have also had the opportunity to discover the positive reputation graduates of the program have created for the university. I look forward to continuing their legacy!

Nicole Preiss CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PsyD student

Nicole Preiss
I am a Clinical Psychology PsyD student at CSPP. I chose the program in Fresno because I was interested in clinical practice and smaller class sizes where I could receive one-on-one attention. I also chose the Fresno campus because of the location, which provides a low cost of living and a diverse community. The diversity of the Central Valley has strongly benefited my clinical training. While attending CSPP I have been awarded the CSPP Dean’s Award of Excellence Scholarship twice. During my second year I was a Teaching Assistant for Intellectual Assessment and continued in that role the following year. This was a wonderful opportunity that allowed me to strengthen my assessment skills. In my third year I had the privilege of working with Dr. Jack Kahn, Professor and Program Director of the CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PhD program, on a book chapter regarding Dialogical Self Theory. It was a new experience and area of study that I thoroughly enjoyed learning about. Regarding my clinical experience, I have had the opportunity to work at California State University, Fresno and the Psychological Service Center at CSPP, which helped me be a good fit for my internship at Santa Clara University Counseling and Psychological Services. I have found that I enjoy working with adult populations and have clinical interests in anxiety disorders, trauma and LGBT psychology. 

Kellie Sulier CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PsyD student

Kellie Sulier
I am a three-time CSPP Dean's Award of Excellence recipient. My current clinical training is in the Batterers Intervention Program, working with probationers who have been mandated to treatment for issues regarding interpersonal violence. Previously, my clinical work was with clients who had developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and learning disorders. My dissertation research is examining quality of life perception among aging clients and clinicians who treat aging populations. I hope to eventually work in a VA setting and am currently focusing my internship applications on such sites. Choosing CSPP was easy. I was fortunate to have met two CSPP graduates who were teaching at the school where I completed my undergraduate work. They demonstrated such strong clinical and teaching skills. I was impressed and decided to apply to the program that delivered such a fabulous product. The Clinical Psychology PsyD program in Fresno has not disappointed me. My academic journey has been well-rounded. The collegial environment has helped me develop a strong set of clinical skills. The faculty has played an important role in helping me discover clinical interests that were unknown to me. I feel privileged to have spent these three years here, and am confident that the PsyD program has prepared me for the next phase of my professional journey.

Isreal Wajda CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PsyD student

Israel Wajda
I am a Clinical Psychology PsyD student at CSPP; I graduated with my Bachelor's degree from California State University in Fresno. After considering the options for graduate study in addition to my career goals, CSPP at Alliant was the clear choice to continue my education. The Clinical Psychology PsyD program seems to be tailor-made for me. My interests lie much more in the practical areas of child psychology, and the program provides a top-notch education emphasizing exactly that. I had the opportunity to have a few Alliant professors instruct some of my undergraduate courses, so I was already looking forward to obtaining my education from individuals who are not only experts in their field, but also are currently in practice. As I met more of the faculty and staff, it became apparent that each and every member is invested in my success. I spent a good deal of my vocational history working in both a psychiatric office and as a group counselor. These experiences instilled in me a love of the science of psychology, and when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance to continue my education and pursue a career in the field. Opportunities abound for growth and learning beyond scheduled classes, as students are afforded the ability to attend lectures and presentations from highly respected individuals in the field as well as immersion opportunities for multicultural experiences. I truly feel that every chance for success is given at CSPP and I look forward to maximizing the benefits that membership in the student body allows.


Our graduates are employed in virtually every employment setting where psychologists contribute to the well-being of society. The vast majority are licensed within 2 years of finishing their degree. They provide psychotherapy, assessment, supervision and consultation in community mental health settings, military medical centers, HMO’s, hospitals and medical centers, Veterans Affairs hospitals, correctional facilities, academic departments, university counseling centers, private practices, state and county hospitals, private group practices and private psychiatric hospitals. Some have developed opportunities to provide services as private providers in nursing homes and correctional facilities. Considering the diversity of students' backgrounds and training opportunities available through our Program, it is not surprising to find equal diversity in their career paths. We are excited to note that our graduates are combining:

  • Psychotherapy Practice (89%)
  • Assessment (61%)
  • Consultation (48%)
  • Supervision (50%)
  • Administrative/Leadership Roles (54%)

This is very positive support for our practitioner-scholar model of training with its mix of clinical practice, consultation, administration and supervision.


Our alumni overwhelmingly feel the program prepared them to work in diverse mental health settings with multiple skills.  In a recent survey of the last seven years of our graduates (78% completion rate) the alumni/ae suggested that the program prepared them effectively or very effectively to:

  • Complete Psychological Assessment and Diagnostics (95.8%)
  • Provide Clinical Supervision (90%)
  • Provide Psychotherapy (81.6%)
  • Serve as a Consultant (75.5%)


CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PsyD Alumni Maria Brooks

Dr. Maria A. Brooks graduated in 2005 from the Clinical Psychology PsyD program in Fresno; she contributes her professional achievements to the dynamic curriculum and training that CSPP provided. She explains, although the program provided specialty tracks, she took great pleasure in exploring diverse field electives offered at CSPP. Additionally, she states, “I had the choice to personally tailor my education and training to what interested me. From health psychology and women studies to learning various therapeutic treatment approaches when working with children and adolescents, I always knew whatever course I took would be significant to my career. I can honestly say I often incorporate aspects of my diverse curriculum and training into my day to day professional duties.” In addition to the experienced instructors and diverse curriculum, Dr. Brooks highlights the “eclectic practical training” as another instrument towards her professional accomplishments. Specifically, she states, “Every instructor, practicum site and supervisor I had has contributed to my clinical skills and my overall professional development. At the end of the day any doctorate program can teach clinical theories and different clinical approaches to treatment. However, CSPP taught me the value of being a professional. Professionalism is something acquired through experience not through a text book. The pride the Fresno Psy.D program takes preparing an ethical and competent professional is by far The Best in the field.”             
In addition to being an Adjunct Professor at Keiser University, Maria A. Brooks proudly works for Armor Correctional Health Services, Inc. as the company’s Corporate Clinical Coordinator for Behavioral Health. Armor is a physician and minority-owned enterprise, which provides comprehensive medical, dental and mental health services exclusively for patients in jails and prisons. The company currently services thirty nine correctional facilities in various states throughout the country. Specifically, Armor works directly under the direction and consultation of the Chief Behavioral Health Officer in matters concerning the delivery of services to all their correctional facilities. Armor’s commitment to building continuity of behavioral health services is reflected in all aspects of their facility-based evaluation and treatment approach. They support early and comprehensive assessment of detainees from the time of admission to the correctional facility through on-going relationships with jail diversion, court liaison, and community mental health programs.  

CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PsyD Alumni Kristin Marvin

Dr. Kristin Marvin, graduated in 2009 from the Clinical Psychology PsyD program in Fresno, while a graduate student, she was able to take a variety of clinical courses geared towards helping her achieve her academic goals of being a Clinical Psychologist. The professional instructors at CSPP taught her ways of better helping her clients and generally being a better clinician, while also presenting the most up to date and informative research and best practices. CSPP offered her many great practicum training sites and a fantastic internship site where she ultimately stayed for her postdoctoral internship year, as well.  Through classes taught, professional instructors offering first- hand information and knowledge on relative clinical matters, and fitting practicum and internship sites, CSPP prepared her to be not only an informed clinician, using the best practices for my population, but also helped me hone in on her basic clinical skills that really mean the most when in session with clients. 
Since graduation, Dr. Marvin stayed at Fresno City College to complete her post-doctoral internship year and then worked abroad in England for 3 months, upon her return she worked for the State prison system. In 2012 Dr. Marvin started her own private practice, started supervising interns at Fresno City College and CSPP and started working as a Behavioral Medicine Consultant for a chronic pain management company using holistic and integrative methods to treat chronic pain. She had very rewarding and extremely amazing opportunities as a Psychologist and has worked in a variety of settings with many different populations. Starting January 2013 Dr. Marvin will be back at CSPP teaching in the program she graduated from Clinical Psychology PsyD Fresno and two other local graduate programs.              

CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PsyD Alumni April C. Owens

Dr. April C. Owens, graduated in 2007 from Clinical Psychology PsyD program in Fresno, states that CSPP played a pivotal part in her career goals and achievements, and that she was trained to be competent in both the science and the practice of psychology. She found a great amount of appreciation for the scientific scrutiny that was taught in the classrooms. She constantly reflects back on the things that she learned as it relates to the Cultural Diversity courses and the direct clinical interaction that she gained from The Psychological Service Center.  She feels very prepared and competent when teaching students due to the training that she received in the Doctor of Clinical Psychology Program at CSPP. She has been employed at Alcorn State University as an Assistant Professor of Psychology for the last 5 years. Dr. Owens was recently appointed the Coordinator of the Psychology program and as the Internship Supervisor in the school of Education & Psychology. In addition, she serves on many leadership committees at the university. Dr. Owens has been fortunate to serve as the advisor for the Psi Chi, International Honor Society, Chairperson of the Faculty Assembly as a Faculty Senate Representative for the Department of Education and Psychology.        

CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PsyD Alumni Shilpa Trivedi

Dr. Shilpa Trivedi, graduated in 2010 from Clinical Psychology PsyD program in Fresno, states she has gained valuable clinical training that encouraged me to continue thinking critically. Dr. Trivedi entered the program as an experienced master’s level clinician, she was challenged to rethink former ideas in the area of psychology and to be open to new ones all of which well-prepared him for her current work as a psychologist.  After graduation Dr. Trivedi began her postdoctoral training at MHMRA-Harris County in Texas as a clinical team lead where she continue to employed as a licensed psychologist.  In her capacity as a clinical team lead, she directs and guides clinicians in their clinical work and provides administrative supervision to the entire clinic.  In addition, she has established her own private practice, focusing on providing individual therapies and psychological evaluations.

CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PsyD Alumni Ghia Xiong

Dr. Ghia Xiong, immigrated as refuges at 10 years old with not know a word of English, after 30 long years of education and hard work, he received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Clinical Psychology PsyD program in 2010. While a graduate student at CSPP, Dr. Xiong was a fellow in the CSPP Mental Health Service Act program and in the American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program-Psychology Summer Institute. Recently he was also the recipient of the 2012 Mental Health Loan Assumption Program award. 
Now, Dr. Xiong works as a Registered Psychologist with the Fresno Center for New Americans’ Living Well Program.  He provides psychotherapy and develops culturally and linguistically appropriate health and mental health educational materials, workshops, and training to the community.  Also, Dr. Xiong has successfully written many grants and helped to secure over more than $2 million in mental health funding for the organization.  Also, Dr. Xiong is teaching part-time as an adjunct faculty at Reedley Community College in the Hmong Health Interpreter Program and works as a consultant on Hmong cultural issues, and Hmong language interpreter and translator services.