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Fresno Clinical PsyD Program Core Faculty

lynette e. bassman phd clinical psychology psyd Fresno faculty

Lynette E. Bassman, PhD, Professor
PhD, 1990; New York University
Research interests: Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; complementary/alternative/integrative approaches to health care; health-related self-care behavior; defense mechanisms and health

Derbra Bekerian, CSPP Fresno Clinical Psychology PsyD faculty

Debra Bekerian, PhD, Assistant Professor
PhD, 1978; University of California, Berkeley
Research interests: Adult and child event memory (qualitative/quantitative paradigms); child development, including impact of abuse on development and attachment; cognitive models of trauma; applied psychology

Ya-Shu Liang, PhD, Assistant Professor, CSPP Clinical Psychology PsyD Faculty

Ya-Shu Liang, PhD, Assistant Professor
PhD, 2006, University of Oklahoma
Research and clinical interests: Diversity; multicultral
care; weight, eating and body image issues; Asian
and Asian-American psychology.

Robert Harris, PhD, Professor, Fresno Clinical Psychology

Robert Harris, PhD, Professor and Program Director
Director, Fresno Psychological Services Cente
PhD, 1986; University of Kansas
Research interests: Psychological assessment; ADHD; self-handicapping and the interface of clinical and social psychology

Kevin O'connor

Kevin J. O’Connor, PhD, Distinguished Professor
Fellow, Rockway Institute
PhD, 1980; University of Toledo
Research interests: Marschak Interaction Method Rating System; child psychotherapy process; play therapy