Financial Support


CSPP offers teaching and research assistantships and an array of scholarship opportunities that are designed to support our commitment to public service, applied clinical research and a diverse and international student body.

Scholarship awards and assistantship stipends typically range from $1,000-$5,000 per year, although a few are higher. They often have their own application process or require nomination by a faculty member. Although some scholarships and campus employment opportunities are available to incoming students, the majority of these opportunities are available to continuing students.

Please see the CSPP Scholarships page for a list of scholarship opportunities for incoming and current students. Additional information about the scholarship and assistantship opportunities unique to the San Francisco PhD program are also listed below.


Each year, Tauber Fellowships providing up to $15,000 in annual support are awarded to a select group of incoming students in the Clinical PhD and PsyD programs in San Francisco. These students demonstrate strong academic performance, a background in psychology research and a history of community involvement. Learn more about the fellowships