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Our Students & Graduates

Campus Life

Students in our program enjoy a range of events and activities on the Fresno campus. Some events include:

  • Clinical Symposium Brown Bag Lunches: students, graduates, and community experts present innovative clinical work emphasizing a range of theoretical orientations and applications of clinical psychology. For example some recent brown bag lunches have focused on holistic healing and perspectives of Latino and Hmong cultural brokers
  • Culture themed events such as an MLK event and different panel events incorporating themes such as: race, gender, sexual identity, transgender perspectives, veterans, and mental health
  • An annual Toast (i.e., party!) designed to celebrate the year and commemorate outstanding staff, faculty, and students.
  • Monthly casual events involving students, faculty, and staff such as potlucks and meetings.
  • Community events such as the Survivors of Suicide Walk, PRIDE events, and National Alliance of Mental Illness.  

Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Fresno Graduates

Our graduates have successful careers because the broad-based curriculum trains students to think critically, assume many roles, solve problems in those roles, and create professional niches for themselves in a changing health care environment.

We are excited to note that our graduates are combining clinical practice (95%), research (63%), and teaching (55%) in their professional lives, and 70% have been in leadership or administrative positions with their agencies. This is very positive support for our scholar-practitioner model of training with its mix of clinical practice, research, and teaching.

Featured Students

Ioana Cebulla_cspp_clinical_psychology_student_fresno

Ioana Cebulla, MA is currently on internship at the Department of State Hospitals, Coalinga, which is an APA accredited program. Throughout her graduate studies, she continued to grow her passion for social justice and dedicated most of her time working with the underserved populations. She was selected by the PhD program faculty in 2014 to receive the Jeffery W. Braunstein Memorial Scholarship, an award for excellence in research and clinical skills and dedication above and beyond to the field of psychology. Ioana's research interests and experiences have been quite varied, including risk of obesity in adolescents, executive functioning deficits in juvenile offenders, and international research in Vietnam on empowerment of women and relationship to health and mental health.

Trisha Kivisalu_fresno_clinical_psychologly_phd_student

Trisha Kivisalu, MA is one of the 2015 recipients of the CSPP Dean's Award of Excellence. Through her coursework and research activities with colleagues and professors, she has presented over 15 research posters and papers at national conferences, three symposium presentations, and published three journal articles. She is currently applying for Internship and is excited to embark on her career as a Psychologist working in combined clinical-medical and academic settings where she can pursue her passion for interdisciplinary client care, clinical services, research, and teaching. 

colleen phillips cspp clinical psychology phd student

Colleen Phillips, MA is currently a psychological intern at the State Center Community College District, which is a member agency of the APA-accredited Central California Psychological Internship Consortium (CCPIC). She is a recipient of the 2015-2016 Dr. Jeffrey W. Braunstein Memorial Scholarship at CSPP-Fresno. Her research interests include reliability generalization, a type of meta-analysis in which she has published several journal articles in collaboration with her colleagues. She has clinical and assessment experience at a range of practicum sites with diverse and traditionally underrepresented populations.

Featured Graduates

Samuel A. Montano, PhD, graduated with a PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2015. He has previous clinical experiences working with adults in community mental health clinics, college psychological service centers, substance abuse clinics, and rural forensic settings. Dr. Montano has experience working with a wide range of individuals, presenting problems and psychological disorders. His clinical interests consist of working with relational issues, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, men's issues, LGBTQ issues, and personality disorders. Dr. Montano is well-versed in psychodynamic techniques and primarily implements this approach when working with clients. He is currently a post-doctoral fellow for the State Center Community College District and works in the psychological service center at Reedley College and Fresno City College. Dr. Montano's current duties include conducting individual therapy, crisis intervention, psychological assessment, consultation to interns and trainees, and district wide outreach events aimed at raising awareness on a variety of mental health topics while also advocating for the elimination of the stigma related to mental illness.

Marcy Johnson PhD graduated from CSPP in Clinical Psychology in 2010. She currently works as a Clinical Psychologist at University of California San Francisco, Fresno, Alzheimer’s and Memory Center specializing in Neuropsychology and Geropsychology. She is honored by the patients she serves each day and marvels at the fortitude families have in caring for their loved ones with various types of dementia. 

Gary Hayes PhD, graduated with a PhD Degree in 1986.  Dr. Hayes was one of the first Clinical Psychologists to gain admitting privileges at private psychiatric hospitals in the early 90s in Northern California. In the early 90s, Dr. Hayes' practice continued to expand in both Napa and Solano counties culminating in September 1996 with the starting of a state-wide company: Traditions Behavioral Health (TBH) which in the interim has grown to employ 150 psychiatrists with $25 million per year in annual revenue. Dr. Hayes, as the Founder, Owner and President of Traditions Behavioral Health has led the company in annual growth of an average of 40% per year in the last five years. Dr. Hayes is currently working with Alliant - CSPP Fresno on collaborations with Kaweah Delta Health Care in Visalia where UC Irvine commences physician training and residency in the fall of this year.  

Recent Accomplishments by Faculty 

  • Dr. Merle Canfield
    • Worked with students on more than 10 conference presentations in 2014-2015.
  • Dr. Kevin O'Connor
    • Received the Life-Time Achievement Award from the Association for Play Therapy.
    • Became board certified in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
    • Published the second edition of Handbook of Play Therapy (2016) through Wiley publishing