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CSFS Faculty List

Marion Chiurazzi, Psy.D.

Interim Program Director & Associate Professor | Sacramento Campus
Research interests: Mental health treatment, psychopathy, suicide in correctional settings 
Email: mchiurazzi@alliant.edu

Diana M. Concannon, Psy.D., PCI

Associate Professor | Los Angeles Campus
Research interests: Risk assessment, competency assessment, victimology
Email: dconcannon@alliant.edu

Noor Damavandi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor | Irvine Campus
Research interests: Psychopathology, serious mental illnesses, incompetency and insanity evaluations, risk assessment, correctional psychology, cross cultural psychology, biological bases of behavior
Email: ndamavandi@alliant.edu 

Annette Lorene Ermshar, Ph.D., ABPP

Associate Professor | Los Angeles
Research interests: Neuropsychology, juvenile law, psychological assessment, psychopathology and the criminal mind
Email: aermshar@alliant.edu

Valerie Forward, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor | Fresno
Research interests: Psychological consultation, trauma & abuse, victimology, psychodynamic and interpersonal therapies

Debra F. Glaser, Ph.D., ABPP

Interim Program Director and Associate Professor | Los Angeles
Research interests: Police & public safety psychology, first responders, stalking, crisis negotiation and SWAT, workplace violence assessment, social psychology
Email: dglaser2@alliant.edu

Laura Hopper, Ph.D.

Lecturer | San Diego
Email: lhopper@alliant.edu

Tamar Kenworthy, Psy.D.

Interim Program Director & Assistant Professor | Fresno
Research interests: Sex crimes and paraphilias
Email: tkenworthy@alliant.edu

Robert A. Leark, Ph.D.

Professor | San Diego
Research interests: Neuropsychology, test construction, malingering and ADHD
Email: rleark@alliant.edu 

Glenn Scott Lipson, Ph.D., ABPP

Interim Program Director & Professor | San Diego
Research interests: Stalking, malpractice, critical incidents, risk assessment    
Email: glipson@alliant.edu  

Lissa H. Parker, Ph.D.

Administrative Director for Master's Programs & Instructor
Professional Training Advisor/Liaison | Fresno and San Francisco
Research interests: Jury decision making, legal decision making, violent behavior, forensic psycholinguistics, threat assessment
Email: lparker@alliant.edu

Jana Price-Sharps, Ed.D.

Associate Professor | Fresno
Research interests: Police officer stress and PTSD
Email: jprice-sharps@alliant.edu

Amy Tillery, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor | Fresno
Research interests: Substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment for adolescent offenders, effectiveness of the juvenile justice systems and mentally ill offenders, and spirituality as related to treatment responsiveness
Email: atillery@alliant.edu 

James Turner, Ph.D.

Professor | San Diego
Research interests: Police psychology, investigative psychology, threat assessment
Email: jturner@alliant.edu

Katherine Turner, Ph.D.

Lecturer | San Diego
Research interests: domestic violence/teen dating violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and psychological assessment
Email: kturner@alliant.edu

Lisa Ware, Ph.D.

Associate Professor | Sacramento
Research interests: Child behavior disorders, malingering, social phobia and children with autism and developmental disabilities
Email: lware@alliant.edu

Joseph Whalen, Ph.D. 

Lecturer | Sacramento 
Email: jwhalen@alliant.edu 

Paige Wilcoxson, Psy.D.

Assistant Professor | Sacramento
Research interests: Sexual offending, risk and threat assessment, terrorism and ideological violence
Email: pwilcoxson@alliant.edu