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Victimology Concentration

Victimology Defined

Associate Dean of California School of Forensic Studies (CSFS), Profile style image of Dr. Diana Concannon
Dr. Diana Concannon, defines Victimology:

“Victimology offers evidence-based practices for understanding victim-offender dynamics, and supports robust risk assessment and practical safety planning. By better understanding the victim, we gain insight into the offender, and can potentially prevent incidences of victimization and re-victimization. Victimology also improves the effectiveness of the victim-witness, which contributes to the delivery of justice, and supports the recovery and resiliency of those affected by violence.”

Program at a Glance

  • Four 2-day classes (typically on Fridays & Saturdays) during the second or third year of study
  • Attended by students of multiple campuses and programs
    Held on the campus chosen by the majority of students
  • Requires approval of the student's program director to apply
  • Includes notation on your transcript upon successful completion

Get Started

  • Contact your program director (PD) about your interest in the Victimology Concentration
  • Complete the PD recommendation form and letter of intent
  • Submit forms to Dr. Diana Concannon at dconcannon@alliant.edu

NOTE: Applicants will be contacted in summer to schedule interviews

3 Keys ot Victimology at CSFS

The CSFS program focuses on three key areas:

  1. Prevention – including risk assessment and safety planning
  2. Investigation – including the psychologist’s role in conducting assessments and interviews
  3. Intervention – including evidence-based practices to assess and support victims’ recovery

Program Format and Requirements

Students in the second or third year of their core Clinical Forensic Psychology or Clinical Psychology program are eligible for admission into the Victimology Concentration (VC) program. Elective units from the core curriculum may be applied to the VC course requirements, however, students will still need to enroll in additional units to complete the VC program requirements.

Courses will be offered over one weekend during the fall semester, two weekends in the spring and one weekend in the summer.

The campus location for the courses will depend upon the number of students enrolled in the program from each campus. Students may be required to travel from their main campus location to attend VC courses.

CSFS academic performance standards are listed in the catalog, student handbook, and on the myAlliant student portal; please review these standards before applying. All academic policies apply and will be enforced.

Application Requirements

Only a limited number of seats are available in this program, so, don’t wait to apply.
Students must:

  • Be in, and maintain, good academic standing
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation from their program director
  • Submit a letter of intent
  • Complete an interview in-person or over the phone