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 Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program prepares innovative 21st century leaders able to advance knowledge, research and best practices in business and enterprise.

By integrating principles from business administration, the humanities and the behavioral sciences, Alliant's applied DBA program offers an interdisciplinary perspective that emphasizes both theory and practice within international and multicultural contexts.

Graduates of the DBA program are prepared to excel in advanced positions of management and consulting in corporations, non-profits and other organizations, or for entry into academia and research. The degree consists of 60 units. This is a four year program and students have a maximum of eight years to complete.

Program Goals

The program encourages an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach integrating ideas from Business, the Humanities and the Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences. The doctoral program prepares students for advanced positions in management or consulting, or academic positions in teaching, research or administration in Higher Education institutions.  Students will learn in classes with their professors and they will also engage in extensive self-learning and collaborative learning opportunities such as the Research Labs.

Candidates for the DBA will take a comprehensive examination and complete a dissertation under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

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