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"My last three years at Alliant have been incredibly satisfying. I have had the opportunity to teach students about professional identity, attractive personal brand and career development -- and nothing beats the feeling of hearing my students receiving job offers for rewarding careers."

Simon Vetter - Adjunct Faculty - Professional Development

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"In an MBA class with 20 students, I will have at least 14 countries represented. What it means is there is really no one dominant culture here."

Dr. Louise Kelly - Professor of Strategy

Alliant School of Management


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"The MBA program at Alliant School of Management was a perfect fit for my needs and I feel very well prepared for a future leadership position. The program really thrives on diversity of the students and professors who come from all over the world."

Torben Hensiek - MBA 2012

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"What I enjoyed the most about my experience as a DBA student at Alliant, was the international and applied focus - and the diversity in class with students from Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East"

Jorge Avendaño - DBA 2006

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 Alliant School of Management San Diego

About Alliant's School of Management


With a history that spans more than 80 years, Alliant’s School of Management remains on the forefront of international management education. We have successful alumni in 100 countries, with graduates going on to become leaders in government and management.

We provide cutting-edge programs in management education:

The mission statement of Alliant School of Management is to prepare individuals for professional careers in business, management and public affairs. We develop exceptional, intellectually engaged and culturally sensitive leaders in all sectors of society. As scholars and practitioners we prepare our students to successfully address professional challenges with integrity and compassion with a view to advancing internationalism, multiculturalism and sustainability.


In San Diego, one of the most heterogeneous regions in the United States, we have created an international campus that promotes diversity and inclusion. Our students gain real-world experience by working and studying with some of the leading minds around the world. Our small class environment and team-based projects are designed to maximize ongoing professional relationships.


Traditional tools of analysis, accounting, marketing and project planning are essential for a business career, but equally important are other abilities:

  • Focusing on real problems
  • Working in teams
  • Coping with constantly changing priorities, rapidly evolving technologies and an interconnected global economy.

Alliant’s School of Management will thoroughly prepare you to lead and succeed in an increasingly unpredictable and global business world.