Alliant and Other At Home in the World Institutions Meet to Reflect on Lessons Learned

ACE project team SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- April 11, 2013 -- Project teams from the eight participating institutions in the American Council on Education’s (ACE) "At Home in the World" initiative met last week and reported key highlights from their efforts. Most participants stressed that the president’s support for these projects is critical, especially in budget crunches.

"At Home in the World" is ACE’s three-year initiative exploring collaboration between on-campus internationalization and diversity efforts. Alliant International University was one of eight colleges and universities selected to work on the project in 2011.

Many of the institutions’ efforts reported at the meeting focused on widespread cultural change on campus, through promoting more inclusive and internationalized environments for students, faculty and staff. They engaged a wide variety of campus stakeholders in discussions to better understand the campus climate around this work, to inform and educate the community about the benefits of collaborative efforts and to develop strategies to move the initiative forward.

In one case, a university noted that as a result of increased awareness on campus, faculty are now spontaneously incorporating "At Home in the World"concepts into their research and teaching.

Among the other initiatives the institutions put into place were marketing efforts and scholarships to encourage students from under-represented groups to study abroad; service-learning trips to immigrant communities in the United States; the inclusion of more diversity and globally-focused student learning outcomes in curricula; and examining religious diversity from both a local and a global context.

One common theme expressed by the project teams was a high level of enthusiasm and support from many faculty, staff and students.

"At Home in the World," a joint effort of ACE’s Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement and the Inclusive Excellence Group, will culminate in a national institute this October 17-18 in Alexandria, VA. 

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