Alliant Students Win First Place at 5th Annual Health Disparities Conference

SAN DIEGO -- March 18, 2013 -- Eight couple and family therapy (CFT) students from Alliant International University’s Irvine campus presented two scientific posters at the 5th Annual Health Disparities Conference at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, one of which, won first place in the Scientific Poster section. The group’s accomplishment is especially significant because forty-one different posters were presented at the conference by graduate students, faculty and community leaders from across the country.
Students Sahar Aboutalebi, Jilliana Antoniewicz, Jackie Christensen, Crystal Meng, Mary Obeyd, Crystal Sanchez, Nicole Sabatini, Momoko Takeda, along with CFT Faculty Member Steve Brown presented:  
  • Aboutalebi, S., Brown, S. W.,  Meng, C., Sanchez, C., Takeda, M. Jackie and Christensen, J. (2013, March) The use of folk medicine among immigrants from collectivistic cultures: Findings from ethnographic and qualitative data (the winning poster)
  • Brown, S.W., Sabatini, N., Antoniewcz, J., Obeyd, M. and Brown, D. M. (2013, March), Disparities in evidence-based child and family psychotherapy research.
The group also delivered the paper:
  • Brown, S.W., Brown, D. M., Sabatini, N., Antoniewcz, J. and Obeyd, M. (2013, March) Cultural considerations in child and family psychotherapy evidence-based treatment research.