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Personal Information

California School of Professional Psychology

Organizational Psych

San Francisco Beach St Campus

Program Director


Alliant International University San Francisco
One Beach Street, Suite 100
San Francisco CA 94133-1221


Courses, Research Interests, Publications

Capstone: Synthesizing multiple perspectives

Internship seminar

Foundations of consulting

Models of organization culture & change

Periodic electives related to consulting practice & consultant skill development

Organization transformation, organization culture realignment, leadership development, team development, ethical issues related to the consulting process/consulting relationships, and post-merger integration

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Academic History and Background

B.A. Psychology, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana., 1972

M.S. Clinical/counseling Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1973

M.S. Organizational Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1984

Ph.D. Organizational Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1986

Listed in Whos Who of Business & Industry, 1995-1996

California Psychological Association

Academy of Management

Division for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Division 14, American Psychological Association

Bay Area Organization Development Network

Bay Area Applied Psychologists Group

American Psychological Association

Professional Practice and Community Service

Provided ongoing consultation to executive teams and coaching to individual senior executives to improve their effectiveness and performance.

Assisted the internal OD consulting group of a global company to develop a strategy for repositioning its practice and service delivery operations.

Facilitated the organization redesign of a hight technology company to position it for future growth.

Provided consultation to global bio-technology company in their human resources transformation process.

Conducted an organizational assesses of a hospital surgical services department & facilitated a series of collaborative problem-solving sessions with staff to address issues identified that were undermining performance and morale.

Designed and facilitated implementation of a strategic organization culture realignment strategy/plan for a large national health care system to assist them in the implementation of their strategic repositioning plan.

Facilitated the organization redesign of the financial services organization for the marketing and sales business unit of a global high technology company.

Conducted culture due diligence process for a large multi-state healthcare organization related to their acquisition of another healthcare system.

Designed and facilitated the post-merger integration of the organizational cultures of two large health care systems.

Assisted a professional services firm to design a new strategic performance management system to align managers and staff to achieve business goals.

Member, Annual Conference Program Selection Committee, Division of Management Consulting, Academy of Management.

Member, Annual Conference Program Selection Committee, Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Adjunct reviewer for Academy of Management Review

Harrison, L. Individual juror decision-making: The relationship between sociomoral reflection levels and verdict choices.

Fisher, N. The engagement of virtual team members: The role of leadership and degree of disperson.

White, L. An exploration of the relation between trust and cross-boundary sales collaboration.

Margolis, B. Exploring The Factors That Influence The Development And Maintenance Of Top Management Team Alignment On Strategic Priorities

Reed, T. An examination of the relation among attachment orientation, emotional-social intelligence, and organizational climate.

Puryear, P. An investigation into perceived value of organization consulting services; A case study.

Noble, B. An exploration of relationship-centered organizational culture in health care provider organizations

Dowley, A. Learning behaviors and psychological safety in non-profit organization boards of directors: An exploratory study.

Bebb, S. Transitioning to director: The factors contributing to the successful transition of IT manager of managers to exceptionally performing functional managers

Bio and Links

In addition, to Dr. Levin's role as the current Program Director and faculty member with the San Francisco Organizational Psychology Programs within the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University, he is currently the founder and President of his own organization consulting firm-the Levin Consulting Group, LLC. The firm specializes in the areas of organization culture realignment, post-merger integration, implementation of large scale organization change, executive team development, organization design, human resources transformation, and practice development for internal organization consulting groups. He has over 27 years of experience consulting with private and public sector organizations across a wide range of industries including health care, financial services, high technology, professional service firms, and retail.

Prior to the startup of his own consultancy over 5 years ago, Dr. Levin was a Principal and National Practice Leader for Organization Transformation & Culture Realignment at the global consulting firm of Cap Gemini Ersnt & Young. He also spent 7 years as the organization change practice leader with Kaiser Permanente, and 6 years as an executive with the Organization Effectiveness & Human Resources Consulting Practice with the former KPMG Peat Marwick.

Prior to becoming an organization development consultant, Dr.. Levin served as the executive director of a community based social services organization specializing in the delivery of group and family therapy.
He is also a professional jazz musician who performs regularly around North America and locally in the SF Bay area. He has a discography of over nine recordings.