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Personal Information

California School of Professional Psychology

Organizational Psych

San Diego Campus

Distinguished Professor

Distinguished Professor

Alliant International University San Diego
10455 Pomerado Road
San Diego CA 92131


Courses, Research Interests, Publications

Psy 6409, Pro Seminar in Consulting Psychology

Psy 7465, 7466 2nd Year Research Project

Org 8990 - Dissertation Research Seminar

Org 6170 - Qualitative and Survey Research Methods

Psy 8412 - Social Psychology of Organizations

Psy 7437 - Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Organizational Psychology

Organizational consulting psychology, career assessment and counseling, coaching, ethical issues and the practice of consulting and industrial-organizational psychology, occupational mental health, work dysfunctions

Representative Articles

Lowman, R.L. (in press, 2011), Editorial: Guidelines for case study submissions to Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research. 61, 277 - 279.

Lowman, R.L. (2010), Carl F. Frost (1914-2009). The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 13, 60-67.

Lowman, R.L. (in press, 2010). Leading the 21st century college and university: Managing multiple missions and conflicts of interest in higher education. The Psychologist-Manager Journal.

Lowman, R.L. & Ng, Y-M. (2010). Interest, ability and personality characteristics of two samples of employed realistic males: Implications for management and assessment. The Psychologist-Manager Journal 13, 147-163.

Lowman, R.L. (2009). Policies and guidelines for special issues and special sections in Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 61, 277 -279.

Representative Books

Lowman, R.L. (Ed.) (2006). The ethical practice of psychology in organizations (2nd Ed.). Washington D.C.: American Psychological Association & Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Lowman, R.L. (Ed.) (2002). Handbook of organizational consulting psychology. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Lowman, R.L. (Ed.) (1998). The ethical practice of psychology in organizations. Washington D.C.: American Psychological Association & Society of I-O Psychology.

Lowman, R.L., & Resnick, R.J. (Eds.) (1994). The mental health professional's guide to managed mental health care. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

Lowman, R. L. (1993). Counseling and psychotherapy of work dysfunctions. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

Lowman, R.L. (1991). The clinical practice of career assessment: Interests, abilities & personality. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.
Representative Chapters:

Representative Chapters

Lefkowitz, J., & Lowman, R.L. (2010). Ethics of employee selection. In J.L.Farr, & N. Tippins (Eds.), Handbook of employee selection (pp. 571-590). New York: Psychology Press (Taylor & Francis).

Lowman, R.L., & Richardson, L.M. (2008). Assessment of psychopathology. In B. Bolton (Ed.): Handbook of measurement and evaluation in rehabilitation - 4th Edition (pp. 175-207). Austin, TX: pro-ed.

Lowman, R.L. (2007). Executive coaching: The road to Dodoville needs paving with more than good assumptions. In R.R. Kilburg & R.C. Diedrich (Eds.), The wisdom of coaching. Essential papers in consulting psychology for a world of change (pp. 73-78). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.
Representative Articles:

Lowman, R.L. (in press). Risking your job: On striving to be an ethical leader in difficult organizational circumstances In W. B. Johnson & G.P. Koocher (Eds.), Casebook on ethically challenging work settings in mental health and the behavioral sciences. New York: Oxford University Press.

Academic History and Background

PhD, Michigan State University, 1979

Licensed Psychologist, State of California

Service Award, Society of Consulting Psychology, 2009

Richard Kilburg Service Award, Society of Psychologists in Management, 2002

Fellow, American Psychological Association, Division 12 (Society of Clinical Psychology), 2006; Division 13 (Society of Consulting Psychology), 1997; and Division 14 (Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology), 2001.

Board Certified Diplomate, American Board of Assessment Psychology, Inc

Past President, Society of Psychologists in Management

Past President, Society of Consulting Pschology

Professional Practice and Community Service

Clinical Psychology Internship; Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences, 1977-1978

Past APA Council Member, American Psychological Association

Research Domain Leader, Society of Consulting Psychology

Executive Committee, Society of Consulting Psychology

Past President, Society of Consulting Psychology, Society of Psychologists in Management

Past Board Member, United Way

Team Leader, I-MERIT, San Diego

Past Head, International Arts Festival