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Personal Information

California School of Professional Psychology

Clinical Psychology

San Diego Campus

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Alliant International University San Diego
10455 Pomerado Road
San Diego CA 92131


Courses, Research Interests, Publications

Seminar in Pediatric Psychology

Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy: Child

Developmental Psychopathology

Advanced Developmental Psychology

Pediatric and child clinical psychology with special interest in social skills and children's injuries.

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Academic History and Background

MA, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL; Clinical Psychology (APA-accredited), 1988

PhD, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL; Clinical Psychology (APA-accredited), 1992

California State Scholar

American Psychological Association

Society of Pediatric Psychology

Professional Practice and Community Service

Miggantz, E. (2013). Social information processing in socially anxious youth.

Lebovits, Matthew J (2012). The relationship between parental psychological control and early adolescent social competence

Giglio, S. (2012) An exploration of the relationship between parents' religious coping, parenting, and children's social competence.

Davis, B. C. (2012) Social information-processing deficits in adolescent sex offenders.

Bonwell, K. C. (2012). An exploration of the relationships among postpartum depression, anxiety, maternal sensitivity, parenting stress, and infant development

Cisneros, D. (2012). Understanding the empathy of child molesters through a social information processing framework