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Teach-Out Opportunity for Chancellor University Students Summer 2013

Alliant is delighted to be able to offer an opportunity to bachelor's and master's level Chancellor University students to continue their academic careers at Alliant after the closure of Chancellor University on August 25, 2013.

Transferring to Alliant

Students enrolled at Chancellor University in the 2012-13 academic year are eligible for transfer to Alliant in fall 2013, but must choose to do so prior to the end of the add/drop period on September 3, 2013. Students will be offered the opportunity to transfer to Alliant or to opt-out of the transfer opportunity.

Chancellor advisors are available to discuss the transfer and will work with the Chancellor students to provide support in preparation for the first term. It is anticipated that most students who choose to transfer will begin their studies at Alliant in fall 2013.

Alliant has entered into an agreement with Chancellor University that provides for:

  • transfer of academic credit from Chancellor students' current programs to programs at Alliant; and
  • maintaining the 2012-13 Chancellor tuition and fee structure for one academic year, after which tuition will increase at a rate set by the Alliant Board of Trustees.

Students who transfer will be offered the courses necessary to complete their academic curricula. As Alliant students, they must comply with all Alliant policies and academic regulations.


Students should note that Alliant is currently able to offer distance education to residents of many but not all U.S. states. Some states require prior state-based authorization or certification which Alliant has not yet obtained. Although Alliant will work to obtain the authorizations necessary in order to accommodate students who wish to transfer, it may be that students who reside in a small number of states will be unable to enter Alliant's programs due to lack of ability to obtain timely authorization to operate in those states.


Chancellor University has posted FAQs (frequently asked questions) for Chancellor students, at http://www.chancelloru.edu/blog/post/Closing-Frequently-Asked-Questions.aspx

Current Chancellor students with questions may contact:

  • Your current Chancellor advisor, until August 25, 2013; or

  • Ava Chan Crowder, Coordinator of Special Projects at 858-635-4561 or acrowder@alliant.edu.

Alliant welcomes students from Chancellor: we are very pleased to invite you to join our Alliant community!