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Alliant is

A “new” University with a century of history

Alliant was formed in 2001, but its history traces back through predecessor institutions that have merged to form the University. Our oldest program dates back to 1909.

A professional practice University

Our programs prepare students to enter professional careers—careers that depend on advanced knowledge and skills with opportunities for lifelong growth. Our approach to education combines theory and practice; scholarship and application.

Built on a tradition of innovation

We created the first free-standing school of clinical psychology in the nation and helped change standards of training for practicing psychologists. We started the first evening law program in the west and were one of the first to have permanent overseas campuses to bring a global perspective to education. Today, Alliant is an innovative leader in fields such as teacher education, psychopharmacology and sustainable management.

Home to a world-class faculty

Over our history, our faculty has included some of the most noted scholars and thought leaders in the world, including Carl Rogers, Victor Frankl, Abraham Maslow, Rollo May, H. Igor Ansoff, Jay Haley and Virginia Satir. Today’s faculty include fellows of major professional and academic associations and editors of major journals, as well as practitioners with real-world experience.

Seriously international

With programs in Mexico City, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Alliant continues to be a leader in global education. Our students, faculty and staff come from more than 75 countries.

Proudly diverse

Alliant has a profound commitment to cultural diversity in its educational programs and in its outreach to communities. According to Diverse: Issues in Higher Education magazine in 2014, Alliant awarded more doctoral degrees in psychology to African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans than any other institution. Alliant also ranked  sixth in the number of doctorates in all disciplines combined awarded to Hispanics, and twenty first in the number of doctorates awarded to minorities across all disciplines.

A network of successful alumni

Our 45,000 alumni include prominent psychologists, business leaders, educators and public leaders. Notable graduates include Dr. Judy Chu, a psychologist and the first Chinese-American woman elected to Congress; Dr. Teresa Chapa, senior policy advisor for Behavioral Health for Minorities in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Former California Governor Edmund (Pat) Brown; Julius Robinson, senior vice president, Union Bank of California; and Dan McAllister, treasurer of the County of San Diego.

Dedicated to making the world better

In education, research and service, our faculty and students are working to improve the lives of people. Our work touches nearly every major institution in society—health care, schools, business and industry, government and the legal system. Innovative centers such as the Monte Fenix Institute on Addictions in Mexico City and the Rockway Institute on LGBT issues in San Francisco assure that our education and research connect with real issues in the real world. Through our faculty and students, we help people live, learn and work better in communities around the globe.