Alliant's Leadership and Governance Teams

Alliant International University is an independent, not-for-profit university governed by a Board of Trustees that includes students, faculty, and alumni members. Management responsibility is delegated to the President, who is supported by the President's Cabinet.

University Administration:

Alliant International University

Geoffrey Cox, PhD

Provost and Vice President
for Academic Affairs

Russ Newman, PhD, JD

Vice President for Student Services

Mary Oling-Sisay, EdD

Vice President for Human Resources

Lesa Hammond, PhD


School Administrations:

California School of Professional Psychology

Interim Dean

Dalia Ducker, PhD

Interim Associate Dean
for Academic Affairs

Debra Kawahara, PhD


California School of Forensic Studies


Eric Hickey, PhD

Associate Dean

Diana Concannon, PsyD, PCI

Director of Training    

Lisa Talerico, PsyD


Hufstedler School of Education

Interim Dean

Rhonda Brinkley-Kennedy, PhD


Alliant School of Management

Interim Dean    

Lee White, PhD


San Francisco Law School


Jane L. O'Hara Gamp, JD

Faculty, Staff and Student Government

Faculty governance structures directly involve academic leaders in all aspects of University management, including student recruitment, selection, monitoring, evaluation and curriculum development, and faculty recruitment and performance monitoring. Policy recommendations often originate from faculty committees or student representatives.

University staff members are represented by an elected Staff Council, a body that has both campus and systemwide officers.

At each campus, students are represented by a Student Government Association, a self-governing body that enhances student welfare, student life and educational quality. Via a systemwide University Student Government Association, students are actively involved in a wide variety of University governance issues


Campus Administration:


Keri Kennedy

Coordinator for Campus and Student Services


Nicole Camaras

Director of Campus Services

Los Angeles

Stephanie Byers-Bell

Director of Campus Services


Penny Schafer

Director of Campus Services

San Diego

Kathleen McIntosh

Director of Campus Services and Student Life

San Francisco    

Betsy Gomez

Interim Director of Campus Operations


Board of Trustees:

Alliant International University is governed by a Board that meets quarterly and is legally composed of up to 33 trustees. The majority of its members hold seats that are designated as being for public trustees who bring to the Board expertise in disciplines such as finance, business, education, consumer and public affairs. The officers of the board, Chair and Vice Chair, are elected from the membership.  Members serve terms of three years in succession.

In keeping with the University's innovative character, Alliant's bylaws guarantee faculty and student involvement in governance by requiring that four positions be held by faculty trustees and four by student trustees. Although the bylaws also require that least one alumni of Alliant or one of its legacy institutions hold a Board seat, we always aim to have far more participation from past graduates.

Chair: Julius Robinson - Oakland, CA

  • Sue Ammen, PhD - Fresno, CA
  • Terry Anderlini, JD - San Mateo, CA
  • Summer Angevin - Jersey City, NJ
  • Luis Ayon - Pomona, CA
  • Joyce Berenstein, JD - Hillsborough, CA; Chair, Trusteeship Committee
  • Noah Bussell - San Diego, CA
  • Geoffrey Cox, PhD - San Francisco, CA
  • Dave Diamond, PhD - San Diego, CA
  • Gonzalo Garreton, MD - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; Chair, Audit Committee
  • Madeleine Richeport Haley, PhD - La Jolla, CA
  • Jon Knoll - Palo Alto, CA; Chair, Finance & Strategic Planning Committee
  • Andrea Krunnfusz - San Francisco, CA
  • Ron Longinotti - Burlingame, CA
  • Barbara McKee, JD – San Francisco, CA
  • Marissa Pei, PhD - Seal Beach, CA
  • Natalie Porter, PhD - San Francisco, CA
  • Paul Ritvo, PhD - Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Chair, Academic Affairs Committee
  • Saul Rosenbaum - San Francisco, CA
  • Steven Schoger, PsyD - Westminster, CO
  • Jeffrey Tirengel, PsyD - Alhambra, CA 




Governing Documents:


Audit and Tax Filings

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